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Finding a Home in a Tiny Home Community: 5 Tips for Buyers


Home prices rise and building continues to boom across the country. Which is why buyers are turning to a decidedly atypical solution: life in tiny home communities. A tiny home community is designed to accommodate several single-person or small family homes in a communal area. They have risen to prominence in the last several years as a smart solution to exorbitant housing costs and scaled-down lifestyles.

If you’re interested in finding a home in a tiny home community, read on to learn more.

5 Tips for Finding a Home in a Tiny Home Community

Tiny homes don’t go up for sale as frequently as larger homes. When they are put up however, they’re often snapped up quite quickly. With this in mind, you’ll need to be a little extra savvy about finding your ideal home in a tiny home community. Here are five tips to help you get started:

1. Talk to local tiny home builders

A quick Google search that includes your location and the words “tiny home builders” will help you understand who is building tiny homes in your area. These construction companies and contractors are members of a unique group. They’re typically a wealth of knowledge when it comes to giving you the inside scoop on local tiny homes.

2. Attend tiny home conferences

Did you know there are dozens of tiny home conferences around the country each year? If you’re looking at finding a home in a tiny home community, it’s worthwhile to attend one. Designed to connect like-minded people with a passion for tiny homes, these conferences can go a long way toward helping you find your ideal community.

The Tiny House Conference, held in Portland, OR, is a great place to start, although there are several others like it around the country.

3. Ask around within your community

If you have friends or acquaintances who are also interested in the tiny house movement, now is a great time to use their knowledge to your advantage. Ask them if they know of any promising communities and, if so, who you should speak to about an opening.

4. Hire a realtor experienced in the area

As tiny homes become more popular, Realtors around the country are beginning to specialize in the sale and purchase of tiny homes. Do some research to find out if there’s a realtor like this in your area. If so, connecting with him or her can be a valuable way to locate your dream tiny home and get started on life in your tiny home community.

5. Use online resources to your advantage

Some online sites provide digital maps that help people interested in Tiny Homes find them in their geographical area. The sites don’t always specialize in homes that are for sale. However, they can be valuable places to locate tiny homes. Going online can help you find one that suits your desires, needs, and budget.

Alternately, there are sale-specific tiny home sites, like tinyhouselistings.com, which can help you locate and purchase your ideal home!

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Finding a home in a tiny home community can be tough, but these five smart tips can help you get off to a running start. From locating a specialized realtor to pooling the knowledge of your like-minded friends and acquaintances, finding a home in a tiny home community just got easier!