5 Design Trends With Staying Power You Should Try

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Design trends come and go, but only a few have the staying power necessary to look good year after year.  If you want to have a home that looks timeless, but is still a bit trendy, jump on the fads that aren’t really fads at all.  Instead, these are ideas, materials, and pieces that continually make resurgences throughout the decades. You can always count on them to come back in style, because they always look refined.

5 Timeless Design Trends You’ll Love for Years

These trends will look as good in five years as they do right now. You won’t feel guilty about hopping on the bandwagon.

1. Polished Marble Accents

Marble is a classic material that looks good no matter the decade.

In 2017 so far, this stone has been used everywhere – in kitchens, in bathrooms, on furniture, and on accent pieces, including candles, soap dishes, bookends, table lamps, vases, and more. The latter is an easy way to add the trend to your living space while investing in a piece you’ll keep for years.

2. Copper or Brass Finishes

Polished nickel and chrome are still perfectly good options. However, if you want to be on-trend and make a wise investment, go for the timeless appeal of copper or brass.

You can use these two finishes everywhere as an accent – light fixtures, hardware, faucets, and more all look great in copper or brass.

3. Modern, Convertible Furniture

These days, modern furniture makers are going for multi-use pieces. For instance, a desk that folds up into the wall for when you’re not using it, or a small table that magically expands to hold a 10-person dinner party.

4. Locally Sourced Everything

Lots of people are interested in putting their money back into their local economy. As such, they’re shopping at local retailers and small businesses for décor, furniture, and fixtures.

This is a fantastic way to shop in general because you’ll always find unique items at local shops, more than you would at big-box stores. Plus, you’re supporting community growth.

5. Grown-Up Pastels

Soft colors can be sophisticated if you choose the right shades. The pastels that are trendy right now are skewing toward this grown-up, timeless feel.

For example, the blush pink that has been getting lots of love is so light and neutral, it’s almost beige. It’s literally blushing just enough to be pink.

Other sophisticated pastels with staying power include light, dusty blue; minty sage green; and soft, dusky lavender.

Some Design Trends Are Worth Following

Not all design trends are tacky or wild. Some of them are tried-and-true – they’re smart, sound design choices no matter what year it is. If you have a hankering for some modern flair in your home, don’t bat an eyelash about taking up one of these of-the-moment yet totally timeless fads and ideas.