Tornado Bunkers: How They Work, and Who Needs Them


While a tornado bunker may sound like something that nobody needs, the fact of the matter is that they can be incredibly useful and valuable for many people around the country.

For individuals who live in high-tornado-risk zones, or who just want to ensure their safety against a natural disaster or unforeseen event, a tornado bunker is a smart and savvy addition to the home.

What is a Tornado Bunker?

In modern times, tornado bunkers are generally man-made, steel structures designed to be buried beneath the ground (although above-ground models are also available) to provide protection and safety in the event of a dangerous storm or natural disaster.

While tornado bunkers come in all shapes and sizes, most are designed to house at least 3-4 people in the event of a severe storm.

Because tornado bunkers are buried beneath the ground, they can withstand the forces of a tornado’s wind and rain without damage. The strong steel structure of a tornado bunker will also protect the people within it from flying debris and airborne objects.

This is especially important because, during a tornado, 40% of the damage caused is the result of flying objects.

Who Needs a Tornado Bunker?

While common knowledge would suggest that the only people who “need” tornado shelters are those who live in tornado-prone areas, many people can benefit from installing a storm shelter in their home.

In addition to the fact that a tornado shelter will provide protection from a series of other natural disasters, the presence of a tornado shelter can also increase the value of a home and keep precious household goods safe and secure.

With these things in mind, it’s clear that homeowners around the country can benefit from installing and maintaining a tornado shelter in their homes.

Where to Purchase a Tornado Shelter

If you’re interested in purchasing a pre-built tornado bunker, you can either look into local craftsmen (which are more common in tornado-prone areas of the country) or buy a shelter online.

Companies like Valley Storm Shelters and B-Safe Shelters sell pre-made tornado shelters online, so those companies are a great place to start.

If you prefer to have a tornado shelter built for you custom, your best bet is to work with a custom home builder in your area. In addition to the fact that you’ll get a shelter designed to your specifications, this option also offers slightly more flexibility than purchasing a pre-made shelter.

Tornado Shelters: A Lifesaving Addition to the Home

While a tornado shelter may seem like an unneeded expense, they do save lives in large storms, and people who live in natural-disaster prone areas will benefit from purchasing and installing one in their home.

Regardless of whether you opt to purchase a shelter from a pre-fabrication company or have one built to the specifications and layout of your home, there’s no question that installing a tornado shelter is a wonderful way to stay safe and boost your home’s value all at once.