3 Undesirable Features You Can Totally Live with When Buying a Home


Buying a home is full of ups and downs. One thing is guaranteed, though: You’re not going to get every single thing you want.

Granted, you can wait for your perfect home to appear. You’ll just never end up buying anything, because perfect doesn’t exist.

On the other hand, sometimes the right home is hidden behind some undesirable features. Here’s just a few that shouldn’t be deal-breakers. In fact, you can totally live with them until you have the means to update or upgrade.

3 Features to Look Past When Buying a Home

Even though you may feel the opposite way, each of the following features shouldn’t make you rule out a home on your list.

1. Bad Paint Colors

Sometimes, when you walk into a house with loud or ugly paint colors, it can overwhelm your senses. All you can see is the ugly color, and all you can feel is how much you hate it.

If this describes you, remember to take a step back and look beyond the paint. Look at the bones of the house, including the windows, floors, trim, and other built-in features.

A bad paint job is just that – paint. It’s not permanent, and it doesn’t take much to fix or improve. If the house checks off every other item on your list, don’t let some horrible paint choices stop you from sealing the deal.

2. Dated or Grandmother-Approved Wallpaper

Don’t be afraid of a house that has rooms covered in dated wallpaper. Removal isn’t too hard, and if you have patience, it will only take a couple of weekends to get rid of it all. Or, if you’d rather hire out to have it removed, it’s not too expensive.

3. A Weird Smell

A bad odor in a home isn’t an immediate deal-breaker. There are ways to get rid of the smell, depending on what it is. A cigarette smoke stench, depending on how bad it is, can be removed by washing the walls, windows, and getting carpets steam-cleaned. You can also throw open the windows on a nice day and air things out with a good old-fashioned breeze and sunshine.

If there’s an animal odor or a urine smell, it might not be hard to remove if it’s concentrated in one area or one room. Carpet can be treated with enzyme sprays that break down the odor molecules. It’s also relatively easy to replace one section of floor or carpet, or to ditch the rug altogether.

See the Potential Hiding in Your Potential Home

As you check out open houses and narrow down your list, remember not to base your decision on décor or features you can easily change or fix. Even if you’re not handy, you can hire professionals to do the job for a low cost and end up with a home you absolutely love.