What’s It Like to Buy a House and Live in a Planned Community?


If you’re looking to buy a house, have you considered living in a planned community?

This type of housing development is becoming more and more common. Instead of building a row of random houses on a street, developers plan and build an entire neighborhood around amenities, conveniences, and recreation.

Each street is laid out and designed strategically. Homes are placed at good distances for easy walking to neighborhood parks, shopping centers, swimming pools, and gyms. There are often walking trails, too, or dog parks, splash pads, or bike trails. Some even have community Wi-Fi.

If you choose to live in a planned community, you’ll have an immensely walkable neighborhood at your fingertips. Here are a few other benefits.

5 Benefits of Living in a Planned Community

You may find everything you ever wanted in one of these luxe communities.

1. All Those Amenities

Truly, one of the best parts of these neighborhoods is all the amenities they come with. Being able to walk to the park, the nearby coffee shop, or hop on a nearby trail for a morning run gives you a lifestyle that most suburban residents don’t have.

2. Less Traffic

Because the community is carefully planned and laid out, the streets will have less traffic than in unplanned neighborhoods. Developers pay close attention to traffic flow because they know that a quiet neighborhood is highly desirable.

3. Lots of Trees, Plants, and Flowers

A planned community is also one with a planned landscape. The neighborhood will be professionally maintained and there will probably be lots of flowers, plants, and green spaces to enjoy nature.

4. A Close-Knit, Community Vibe

Another common feature of planned communities is community gathering spaces, as well as streets that invite neighborly interactions (think: front porches, wide, quiet streets, and regular neighborhood events at community locations). When you move to one, you may just get to know your neighbors better than if you live on an unplanned street.

5. Easy Access to City Transit

If you choose a planned community in a city, you’ll usually find that they’re located conveniently close to public transportation. This is because the idea is to keep traffic down and encourage green living. In fact, many communities are built with sustainability and energy-efficiency in mind, so if this lifestyle appeals to you, a planned neighborhood might be just right for your move.

Buy a House in a Planned Community and Live the Good Life

Planned communities aren’t for everyone, and there are certainly downsides to living in one along with the benefits. However, if you enjoy being social, love spending time outdoors, and appreciate a neighborhood that’s walkable and has lots of places to go, you might love living in one of these places.

Ask your realtor about planned communities in your city, or search online to find potential neighborhoods you could check out. Remember, living in these areas usually comes with extra fees, but you may find them more than worth it.