5 Professionals to Keep on Speed Dial When Buying a Flip House


There’s no doubt that taking a risk and buying a house to flip can pay off. However, there are lots of issues that can pop up during the entire process.

If you’re taking the leap and purchasing a flip house, here are 5 pros you should keep on speed dial if you run into a pinch.

5 Pros You Might Need to Call When Buying a Flip House

If you’ve never flipped before, you’ll need some help. When problems arise, make sure you have go-to pros at the ready who are trustworthy.

1. An Inspector

The first question when you’re looking at a flip house to buy: Is it worth the investment? For a newbie, the answer isn’t always obvious.

For example, a home can look chock-full of potential on the surface. Dig a little deeper, though, and you may find foundation issues, a pest infestation, or a roof that needed replacing five years ago.

Don’t go by how things appear.  Before you buy a flip project, always get the property inspected first, then crunch the numbers to see if making all the necessary fixes makes sense for your budget.

2. A General Contractor

If you need to do some overhaul work on the house that’s a bit more involved, like updating a bathroom, you may need to talk to a general contractor to see if hiring out the work will be less expensive than doing it yourself.

If you’re handy, you might not need a contractor. However, you might want to hire one if it means the job will get done right and you can focus your personal sweat equity elsewhere.

3. An Electrician

You’re flipping a house, and you’re trying to put in a new light fixture in the living room. You remove the old one – only to discover that the wiring looks “antique,” to put it lightly.

Especially if you’re flipping a house built before 1920, you’ll need to make sure you have a good electrician on speed dial so old wiring can get handled safely.

4. An Exterminator

Pest problems can easily pop up in old homes that haven’t been maintained well over the years. If the property looks worse for wear, you can probably guarantee pests of some sort, whether it’s something small like spiders or disgusting like cockroaches.

If you suspect pests, then keep an exterminator on call to help.

5. A Pro Home Stager

Maybe buying your flip house and fixing it up aren’t issues. Perhaps you’ve got it handled.

What about after the work is done and you’re ready to sell? You can sell faster if you invest in home staging, and if you have zero experience in this area, you need to find a good pro.

They can make your house look inviting and sale-worthy, as opposed to empty, echoing, and cold. It could make all the difference in your sale and highlight the updates you made.

Buying a Flip House? Don’t Go It Alone

If you’re buying a flip and are a newbie, or just have your hands full, don’t go it alone. Make sure you have a handful of experts in your back pocket for the best flip – and sale – possible.