The Top 5 Lifestyle Benefits of Buying a Home


Purchasing a home is a smart idea for many reasons. In addition to allowing you to build equity and create a nest egg, the decision to invest in real estate also facilitates a series of lifestyle changes that many new homeowners love immensely. While the benefits of buying a home are often thought of in financial terms, it’s important not to overlook these important lifestyle perks as you consider whether or not dropping into home ownership is right for you.

5 Big Lifestyle Benefits of Buying a Home

If you’re considering buying a home, consider these lifestyle perks, first:

1. You’ll get to paint any room whatever color you want

If you’ve been renting for years, you’re likely tired of being told what you can and can’t do in the home. Luckily, the decision to purchase real estate makes this a concern of the past. When you own a home, you’re the only one (unless you’re subject to homeowner’s association rules or covenants) who can decide what you can or can’t do to your home. This level of freedom is exhilarating, and it represents one of the first times that most homeowners have enjoyed the ability to make their own decoration and renovation decisions.

2. You’ll enjoy more privacy

Sharing walls with other renters can be noisy and disruptive, and it’s common for people in rental or co-living situations to feel the effects of a lack of privacy. If you own a home this isn’t as much of a concern. While privacy can still be an issue if you live in a densely populated issue or, for example, if you purchase a condo, there are dozens of things you can do to improve your home’s privacy and turn your urban dwelling into a virtual escape. Consider planting large shrubs or installing a privacy fence to make your space more secluded.

3. You’ll have more predictable expenses

When you rent, monthly expenses can be variable. When you own a home, you’ll enjoy a more predictable expense stream since mortgage amounts are locked in. This can make for easier financial planning and a more stable lifestyle.

4. You’ll be able to enjoy having company over

Some apartments and rented buildings place a limit on how long company can stay for. When you own a home, this is entirely up to you! This means you can enjoy having your friends and family stay for as long as you want.

5. You’ll build a nest egg

One of the biggest lifestyle benefits of owning a home is that you’ll build a nest egg as you pay the home off. As you build equity in the home, you’ll develop financial security and independence for yourself.

Many More Lifestyle Benefits

While there are many benefits of owning a home, the lifestyle perks are some of the most important. In addition to facilitating more freedom and enjoyment, owning a home is also a great way to afford yourself more privacy and space in your daily life.