10 Fall Color Schemes to Fall in Love With


The colors of fall are a delight for the eyes. The world turns a rainbow of hues: crimson, orange, yellow, brown, gold, and everything in between.

If you’re ready for a fresh look for your interiors, why not turn to this popular season for inspiration? You’ll create a warm and cozy look that will look good no matter the time of year.

Check out these fall color schemes and consider splashing some new shades into your home.

10 Inspirational Fall Color Schemes

White-on-white has been trendy for a while, but it’s time to assert your own taste. If you love color, dive in headfirst and try any of these fall color schemes.

1. Peacock Blue and Rust

Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel. Put them together tastefully, and you’ll get a room that’s both playful and pretty. Peacock blue isn’t too bright, and a rusty shade of orange keeps things more muted. This is not a color scheme that screams – it sings.

2. Bright Orange and White

The most iconic color for fall is arguably orange. This shade is often passed over for its loud character, but it can be a cool accent in small doses. Paint the back of your bookshelves bright orange and keep the rest of the colors crisp and white, for instance.

3. Sienna and Modern Black

Red and black is a modern color combination, but you can make it more livable by using a muted red like sienna as opposed to the fire engine variety.

4. Mustard Yellow and Dark Teal

Mustard yellow is reminiscent of freshly sharpened pencils, mums, and the color of changing leaves. Pair it with dark teal to make it look sophisticated.

5. Burnt Orange and Oatmeal

For a warm, cozy feel, use burnt orange and a tan, oatmeal shade together. This combination will make you think of pumpkin spice lattes.

6. Caramel and Cream

If color is a bit scary for you in your home, this pairing is for you. Envelope any room in monotone shades of caramel and cream to make it feel comfortable. Add contrast with dark wood or bright white.

7. Amethyst and Dove Gray

Arguably the most elegant pair of colors on this list of fall color schemes, regal purple and soft gray are a match made in heaven.

8. Butternut Yellow and Espresso

The friendly color of autumn squash goes nicely with deep brown. Pair them in a kitchen to feel hungry every time you walk in.

9. Maple Orange and Dusty Red

Since fall is our inspiration, why not go all-out? Maple orange goes nicely with a color nearby on the color wheel – a muted red. Choose this duo if you want to feel like you’re in an autumn wood.

10. Plum and Sage

Bring nature indoors with shades of plum and sage. This is the perfect combination if you’re not a big fan of red or orange, but still want to take inspiration from autumn.