5 Decor Trends That Will Look Good in Any Home

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If you’re ready for a home update, but don’t know which direction to turn, you’re in luck. The décor trends in 2017 are calling for a simpler approach and fresh innovation. Plus, most of them are super easy to achieve and look good with any style, from modern to traditional.

If you want to make your home look stylish and classic at the same time, try any of these décor trends.

5 Décor Trends You Can Totally Pull Off

These trends aren’t flashy or of-the-moment. Instead, they have staying power. Use any of them and you’ll be happy with the changes for years. The best part? You can totally pull them off.

1. Gray on the Walls

What’s easier than painting the walls? If you’re doing one small room, you only need half a day, maybe less, and the result is worth it.

Gray has been popular for a few years, but this tone isn’t going anywhere when it comes to décor trends. The shade can skew from warm to cool-toned and will literally match anything you pair with it. Easy.

2. Mixing Materials

If you want to stay on top of trends, just say no to matchy-matchy. Instead, feel free to mix up your finishes, wood tones, and hardware. As long as you have one or two cohesive elements, everything will still tie together.

For instance, choose one finish for your cabinet hardware and another for your faucet. Just make sure they complement each other in style. Similarly, you can use a mixture of counter materials for your kitchen island, like butcher block for chopping and baking, and granite for dining and easy clean-up.

3. Gilded Accents

Gold can be a beautiful accent for any home and adds a touch of luxury. The trend for this shimmering metal hue is leaning toward antique gold, though, not the yellow-gold of the ‘80s. Mirrors, lamps, and picture frames are all good places where gilded accents look pretty but not in-your-face.

4. Smart Décor

Did you know your design can work for you, literally? For instance, you can purchase heated floors you control with your smartphone, bathroom fans with Bluetooth capabilities, and lighting you can adjust through Wi-Fi. As we move into the future, the trend for techie décor will continue to grow.

5. Fun Floor Tiles

Tech advancements have influenced floor tiles, too. New production technology has allowed manufacturers to produce tiles that mimic other surfaces, even wood. The difference between this tile and standard varieties is it doesn’t need grout, doesn’t scratch, and you don’t have to refinish it.

Invest in Décor Trends with Staying Power

If you’re unsure about what to do when it’s time to update your home, here’s your answer. Achieve easy style and effortless appeal with any of these trends. Plus, these design ideas won’t end up as passing fads. They all have a timeless appeal, so you know you’ll be getting good value for your investment.