7 Fall Decorating Ideas to Inspire Your Season


Fall is fast approaching. Some places are already experiencing cooler temperatures and falling leaves as we wave goodbye to summer.

If you need to spruce up things around the house, fall is a great time to do it. The changing of the seasons also helps bring in a breath of fresh air as you reboot for a different mindset.

Take advantage of flipping the calendar and bring in some new decorating ideas to transition into the colder half of the year.

7 Decorating Ideas Perfect for Autumn

It’s time for a new season, new ideas, and fresh décor.

1. Bring Out the Blankets

The cozy season is all about warmth. To help create a relaxing atmosphere and provide comfort, get out your colorful or patterned throw blankets and put them on chairs and sofas. You’ll be glad to grab one when you’re chilled, and guests will feel more welcome, too.

2. Get Cozy Underfoot

Replace your utilitarian rugs that worked well in summer, when you and your family were tracking in dirt from running barefoot through the grass. In the fall and winter, something plusher will feel nice and warm underfoot and will help insulate the room.

3. Add Warmer Colors

If you live in a cold climate, you can help beat the cold weather blues with some warmer colors. Paint an accent wall with a shade that makes you feel happy and cozy for a pick-me-up.

4. Light Up Your Life

The days are shorter and darker as we creep into winter. Avoid making your house seem dark and dreary by adding an extra lamp or upgrading your light bulbs.

5. Try Decorating with Seasonal Plants

Summer isn’t the only time you can decorate with nature’s beauty. Lots of flowers bloom in autumn, like mums, sweet alyssum, goldenrod, or heather. Or you can go with pretty branches or grasses in a vase.

6. Use What You Already Have

If you’re tired of your current décor, you don’t have to go to the store to find fresh decorating ideas for fall. Instead, use what you have – just do some rearranging.

Take your pictures off the wall and hang them up in a different configuration, or in different places. Switch your curtains or rugs between rooms. Move that bookshelf from your bedroom into the living area and stuff it with books you want to read this upcoming season. Your space will feel brand-new, and you won’t spend a dime.

7. Up Your Fireplace Game

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, take full advantage during fall and winter. You have in reach what many people dream of in autumn: Cozy nights next to a crackling fire.

Start by cleaning out last year’s ashes, then stack up firewood nearby for easy access. Put some seating close enough to feel the warmth from the flames. Add a stack of books or magazines, a side table for holding your mug of hot chocolate or cider, and a cozy blanket.

Get Cozy and Creative with Fall Decorating Ideas

If you’re tired of your surroundings, try one of these tricks to welcome in fall with open arms. You’ll love coming home all autumn and winter.