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7 Simple Secrets to Maximize Home Office Productivity


For some, working from home can be a dream come true…but it can present some interesting challenges. According to the U.S. Census, nearly six million Americans work primarily from home and that number is only climbing. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur working out of your home or you telecommute on occasion, you’re probably well aware of how quickly time seems to slip through your fingers unnoticed. Home office productivity is important!

Between distractions and temptations resulting in lost productivity and lost time, how can you establish home office productivity?

Set up your home office for success with these seven super helpful tips.

Maximize Home Office Productivity with These 7 Super Helpful Tips

1. Designate an Office Space

Home Office Productivity

Sure, the couch is comfy, but you won’t get your best work done here.

Create a clear boundary within your home to distinguish between work and personal life. How?

Designate an actual office space. With an actual desk. And proper lighting.

This shouldn’t be your kitchen table or your couch. Carve out a spot in your home that’s set up for work at any time and claim it as your home office. If you create an atmosphere conducive to productivity, positivity and professionalism, you’ll be more likely to build a thriving career from home.

2. Dress for Work

Home Office Productivity

Go ahead and enjoy a some java. But change out of your PJs first.

Think you can stroll down stairs in your PJs, grab a cup-of-joe and dive right to work?  Think again. Force yourself to dress purposefully and approach your home office like a regular work day to put you in the right mindset for success every day.

Besides, if you sit around in your sweats all day, you’ll also be less likely to get out and network. Interacting with real-live-humans is important not only for your sanity but also critical to an entrepreneurs’ success.

So, dress the part and you’ll be more motivated to be productive and get your mind in the right place.

3. Get Organized

Home Office Productivity

Dreaming of ooey gooey cupcakes? Write it on your to-do list and move on.

Just as a cluttered desk can represent a cluttered mind, a messy home office space may be the cause of unnecessary distractions and mind-blocks to productive work. Maintain a tidy, minimalistic desk that keeps your mind focused and alert.

Utilize to-do lists for anything that jumps in your head that’s either work or household related. Suddenly remember that you have to make cookies tonight for your child’s class tomorrow? Jot it down so that you can focus giving you more brain power for work.

Also, include weekly organization efforts. Every Friday afternoon, for example, take ten minutes to organize the computer files, file loose papers on your desk and set yourself up for Monday success with a new task list.

4. Remove Distractions

Home Office Productivity

Fido wants to play fetch? Simply schedule it in your breaks.

Once you have designated a home office space, remove anything that could potentially be distracting. Keeping your household to-do list pinned on your office wall, for example, might drive you crazy thinking about home repairs – and how you should be doing them – instead of working. The same goes for televisions, pets, laundry baskets, kid’s homework and treadmills.

Plus, getting sidetracked will only eat away at your focus and slow you down. And too much multi-tasking can end up just stretching you too thin. (If only multitasking in the office burned calories the way bootcamp class did).

5. Take Meaningful Breaks

Speaking of exercise. Breaks are important to improve brain productivity; you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of business. But, everyone operates differently. Some people thrive on mini breaks and others need long stretches of uninterrupted work time. The key is to establish work hours that “work” for you, but don’t make a habit of stretching out your hours, it just invites wasted time.

Schedule in breaks in such a way so you stay focused and organized throughout the time you are scheduled to be working. And then reward yourself with a different activity like going for a jog in the neighborhood or swinging by the coffee shop.

6. Find Inspiration

Home Office Productivity

Add some fresh air with a few house plants.

Incorporate a personal touch to fire up positive energy and inspiration to an otherwise, sterile office environment. This can include anything from literally adding fresh air with plants, incorporating vibrant colors to the room (green is supposed to boost productivity) or moving your desk closer to a window. Exposure to natural light, for example, has been shown to keep you energized and alert, and even improve your workplace performance.

It’s OK. Even though you just put in all that work to make your space perfect, sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Search for Wi-Fi locations (besides your home) that you can take your laptop for a change of pace on occasion. “Working from home” doesn’t always have to be you have to be at home. Get out and get inspired.

7. Save Smart

Home Office Productivity

Save money on taxes. First calculate the percentage of your home that it represents.

Finally, if you dedicate a home office space, you’ll also save money on taxes. Measure your office space and calculate the percentage of your home that it represents (a 225 square-foot office in a 2,250 square-foot home, for example, would be 10%). To claim your home office tax deduction, you can then deduct that percentage of costs associated with your home, such as internet, utilities and even home improvements. Consult with a tax professional who specializes in small business taxes to clarify your situation.

Last Words

Ultimately, you’ll want to set up your environment in a way that not only maximizes home office productivity but also suits your lifestyle. But remember, no matter how well you set up your space, it’s up to you to exercise self-discipline to keep your business at home running smoothly.

Seriously, now go change out of your pajamas.