Home Sweet Home: 7 Tips to Customize Your Rental Kitchen

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If you’re leasing an apartment or house, you know that kitchens are notoriously difficult to revamp without upsetting your landlord. While it may seem nearly impossible to make any impactful updates without doing any permanent damage, there are plenty of simple improvements to try when your rental kitchen desperately needs some love.

Quick Fixes to Customize Your Rental Kitchen

No need to bring out the paint brush – these seven easy tricks of the trade will have you loving your rental kitchen in no time.

1. Use Stick-On Decals

Believe it or not, stick-on decals are an excellent way to add a faux backsplash to your kitchen. You can either place these directly on your wall, or stick these beautifully patterned decals to the existing tiles.

2. Hang a Mirror

While it may sound simple, adding an unexpected mirror to your space can make a room look much bigger than it actually is. Plus, if your kitchen doesn’t have a window, a mirror helps reflect more light into the room.

3. Add a Bright Rug

While you may need to whip out the vacuum now and again, a rug is worth every penny to disguise unwanted laminate flooring. Try purchasing one that complements your cabinets – you may find that the rug distracts from any undesirable paint or wood tones.

4. Replace Any Hardware

Swapping out any hardware on your kitchen cabinets is an easy and affordable way to instantly customize your space. Just be sure to hold on to the old ones when it’s time to move out.

5. Remove a Few Cabinet Doors

Exposed shelving can make a kitchen look effortlessly chic. While you may not be able to install any floating shelves on your own, removing a few of the top cabinet doors should do the trick. Bonus points if you can line them with pretty wallpaper. Again, just be sure to store the unwanted cabinet doors for a later date when you need to replace them before moving out.

6. Display Some Plants, Flowers, and Fruit

Colorful greens and delicious fruit add a pop of color and a little bit of life into your kitchen. Opt for a small bowl or vase – there’s no need to compromise precious counter space for great home décor, especially if your kitchen is much smaller than normal.

7. Personalize with Artwork

Artwork is a great way to instantly add appeal and personal touches to your home. Beautiful gallery walls and paintings reflect your individual style and give your kitchen plenty of character. Be sure to get out your measuring tape and brush up on the golden rules of hanging your artwork.

Customize Your Rental Kitchen Without Major Renovations

Whether you’re leasing your home or you’re just looking to save on some cash, there are plenty of ways to design your space without any major renovations. These simple tips and tricks are sure to turn your rental house into home, sweet home.