The Best Home Improvements for Fall

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Fall is right around the corner, and your honey-do list just seems to get bigger. Your partner or spouse is getting impatient for you to complete what you promised.

What should you do first? What should you shelve for later? It all depends on the season!

The best tasks to complete when the leaves are turning colors are to take advantage of the weather and the home improvement market. In short, the climate will make your life easier. Here are some savvy home improvements for fall, when the time is ripe.

3 Home Improvements to Do in the Fall

Some jobs are just better suited for autumn. Here are the improvements you should schedule for fall versus any other season.

1. Paint the House

The best time to paint your home’s exterior? That would be when temperatures stay relatively consistent from day to night. The time of year when this happens is usually August and September for most areas.

If you’re doing it yourself, paint around your house as the shade hits. With consistent temperatures and lower humidity, the paint should dry faster, giving you less waiting time between coats and a quicker job.

2. Replace the Windows

Before the cold weather comes, but after the heat of summer dissipates, is prime time to replace your windows. Since you essentially have to have a temporary hole in your wall during the process, you need mild temperatures so your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to go overboard to compensate. September, we’re looking at you.

Plus, the optimal temperature for caulk adherence is somewhere between 40 and 80 degrees. The milder fall temperatures will help you get a better seal! This could mean energy savings later.

3. Buy New Appliances

The freshest models for large appliances like dishwashers, stoves, and washers and dryers all come out around October every year. This doesn’t mean you need to head to the store looking for a new model, though. Instead, look to last year’s models, which will be on sale at this time.

Bottom line: You could score a deep discount on an older model that’s just as good.

4. Remodel the Bathroom

The slow season for contractors arrives around November. This means small jobs, like bathroom renovations, will go a lot quicker if you book in late fall. Plus, a small room is the perfect way to test-drive a new contractor. If you love their work, you can book them for bigger tasks.

Some Home Improvements in Fall Make More Sense

When you have a mile-long honey-do list, you absolutely can put some tasks off for later. It just depends on which season you’re looking at.

For fall, do the jobs that make the most sense for the weather and the home improvement market. You’ll save time, money, and even make your work go faster. What’s better than that?