Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Tips

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Creating an attractive entrance to your home will reward you not once but twice. First, you’ll get the inner pleasure of living in a home that appeals to you before you even come through the front door. And second, it will be an attraction for potential buyers and a return on your investment if you do decide to sell one day.

If you are looking for affordable ways of freshening up your front door, our budget-friendly curb appeal tips will surely come handy.

Besides that, all of the following tips and ideas cost less than a hundred dollars and most can be completed within a few hours!

Clean Up

Sometimes the most obvious way to give your house a new appearance is by simply cleaning the exterior of your home.

Things, like trimming the bushes, mowing the lawn, and sweeping the walkway, are imperative. Furthermore, you will can turn on your garden hose and clean your sidewalk, driveway, windows, and fence. That will keep your front yard tidy and give the home a fresh look.

Upgrade Dated Door Hardware

Since the hardware is the focal point of most doors, cheap hardware will make even the finest door seem shabby.

That means paying attention to details like knobs, peepholes, and knockers can help spruce up the door and improve the first impression of your home.

Another great idea is to go with vintage hardware to complement a historic home.

Paint the Front Door

Color is another crucial design element for your entryway. A dirty, dull, beige front door looks really uninviting and you should avoid this.

To create the feeling of an energizing, friendly and welcoming home, try bright colors like yellow, green or light blue. To inspire yourself with some great ideas, you can check out what your neighbors are doing or spent some time looking on the Internet.

Give Your Door a Face Lift

Another thing you can do for your front door beside the fresh coat of paint is to add molding. It offers a decorative frame for your door and welcomes visitors while serving as the perfect grand entrance.

As an addition, you might consider adding a wreath or seasonal decoration as a bonus to your door.

Add Window Boxes

Adding a simple window box can turn a boring window into one of the home’s best features visible from the road.

It will make the windows appear larger and since you will be able to see all of the plants and flowers from the interior of the home it will bring a bit of nature inside as well.

Add Shutters

Another great idea for your windows is adding shutters. Similar to the window boxes, they will make your windows look twice their size.

This will also break up the large and boring outdoor walls — making your home way more attractive. Choosing a color that is in a complete contrast of the one used for your siding will make them pop even more.

For example, black shutters look incredible on a white or soft beige-colored home.

Add House Numbers

House numbers not only make your home easy to find by friends, service professionals, and others but also add an instant curb appeal at a very affordable price.

Consider adding coordinating markers or numbers in two places – at the curb and on the house itself – to enhance visibility.

Light It Up

There is nothing more unwelcoming than a dark, unlit house. Not only does landscape lighting add ambiance, but it also keeps unwanted intruders away and prevents accidents.

Solar lighting is the most affordable as well as the least dependable. If you have basic wiring skills, you can install budget-friendly landscape lighting by yourself. For more complicated installations, don’t hesitate and call a professional electrician.

Mailbox Makeover

The mailbox is the first impression of your home. And since it is so small, it could be as simple as an afternoon project to get it looking like it came straight out of a luxury home catalog.

This one is actually a cast stone post surround that can be placed over a 4×4 wooden post, so it’s much easier than it looks!

Buy a New Doormat

Last but not least, don’t forget the doormat!

A fresh, new, doormat will make guests feel more welcome, as well as give them an opportunity to wipe their feet on snowy or rainy days.

While this might not make a massive difference, together with some of the other curb appeal ideas mentioned above, a new doormat will make a nice addition to your entryway.