Cheap Home Renovations: Projects to Help Brighten Your Home


For many people, “home renovations” seem out of reach due to expense or time constraints.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be true.

Regardless of whether you hardly have a moment of free time to spare, or you’re simply looking to overhaul your home on a budget, these five fun home renovation projects can brighten your home and your outlook, all throughout the year.

5 Home Renovations to Boost Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Make your space more livable and exciting with these five home renovations:

1. Paint an accent wall and make-over your trim

Nothing says bright, sunny days like a playfully colored accent wall. To give your home a pop of color, paint an accent wall in a bright shade of yellow, blue, or red, and then set it off with crisp white trim. Ideal for any room that gets a decent amount of natural light, this playful home renovation will give you something to smile about all year long.

2. Add a window seat

Have a sunny window with nothing in front of it? Consider installing a window seat. While this may seem like a large, complicated project, even a beginner can make a simple window seat from cabinets. Ideal for enjoying your morning coffee and taking in the world outside, a window seat will quickly become a valuable fixture in your home.

3. Overhaul your lighting

Is the overhead fixture in your dining room or family room leaving you cold? Consider heading down to a local vintage yard or thrift shop and seeking out a quirky chandelier to add some personality to the room. Bright, bold, and exciting to look at, a chandelier is a straightforward and inexpensive way to add visual interest to a critical room.

4. Swap out your bathroom mirror

The bathroom mirror can make or break the entire space. For added impact, seek out vintage or second-hand mirrors that offer exciting features like ornamentation or mosaic work, and then hang them in your master or guest bathroom.

If you can find two mirrors that complement one another but do not match, hang them side-by-side for a unique and quirky look that’s specific to your individual space.

5. Create a new backsplash

While making a backsplash may seem out of reach, you can take classes at most local home goods stores. With a few inexpensive materials and a few hours of work, you can easily have a brand-new backsplash to show off your creativity and your unique style.

Home Renovations for Every Space and Every Budget

Even if you’re pinching pennies, home renovations don’t have to be out of reach. Give your home a fresh look and feel for the rest of the year with a brand-new backsplash, a comfy window seat, a new bathroom mirror, a new light fixture, or a bold accent wall in one of your favorite colors.

Ideal for all homeowners, even those with limited time, these fun renovations can transform your space in a hurry.