4 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Grown-Up Home

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Furry pillows, picture collages, neon bedding, and string lights galore – we’ve all fallen victim to a less-than-elegant abode. Those trendy items that once looked great in your college apartment suddenly seem out of place in your new grown-up home. The good news is that you don’t have to throw in the towel on the trends you love (phew). Sometimes all it takes are a few adult upgrades to turn your dorm room decorating into a well-designed – and more sophisticated – space.

How to Decorate Your Grown-Up Home

If you’re fresh out of a college, or just haven’t brought yourself to ditch those nostalgic trends from years ago, get ready to revamp and redecorate your space to match your new grown-up existence. Here are four post-grad upgrades to work into your home ASAP.

1. Bright Idea: Rethink Your Lighting

There’s something to be said about the ambiance and warmth string lights bring to a room. However, when left up year-round, these holiday have-to-haves begin to look more like a college dorm room. But don’t give up on those twinkling strands just yet. Try weaving some wire LED lights into pretty glass jars or lanterns. This is a much more delicate replacement to the clunky string lights hanging on your college apartment walls.

If you’re ready to nix string lights altogether, try adding more candles and table lamps to your space. These glowing substitutes add just the right amount of cozy and sophistication without the fluorescence of overhead lighting.

2. A Splash of Color

Want to instantly transform any room under $50? Get out your paint brush. Painting your walls adds immediate interest and extra adult aesthetic to your space. Try going more neutral with creamy white. If you want a pop of color, paint an accent wall with something brighter like yellow.

If you’re currently renting your place and are unable to paint your walls, try adding accessories like shelving, patterned pillows, or a large, colorful area rug.

3. Picture Perfect

Say goodbye to Sticky Tack. There’s no need to trash your treasured collectibles – inexpensive picture frames elevate even your oldest movie posters. You can also splurge on some new, already-framed art from discount stores like TJMaxx. Go the extra mile by purchasing different sizes and arranging them with framed photos on a blank wall. This way, you’ll be able to look back on fond memories while also embracing your new adult pad.

4. Replace Your Kitchen Essentials

Suffering from a mismatched assortment of silverware and dishware? Purchasing matching dishes and utensils is an easy step towards a more mature living space. White dishes are a safe, timeless choice that can be easily accessorized with colorful napkins or placemats. Start off with a set of eight for visiting friends and family.

Decorating Your Grown-Up Home Is Totally Doable

Creating a more grown-up living space doesn’t have to involve over-the-top renovations or big spending. Whether you just graduated or haven’t had the time to redecorate, revamping your space can be a fun way to mix the old and the new to fit your adult lifestyle – no bean bags required.