6 Design Tips to Make Any Room Look Brighter

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If your home often feels like a dark cave, it’s time to brighten up.

No, you don’t have to knock out walls and install more windows. Instead, there are some easy tricks to make any room in any home look brighter. Some can only take minutes and make the biggest difference in the world.

Try them out and see for yourself.

6 Room-Brightening Design Tips

Get out of that cave and let the light in. Your home will feel more welcoming, instantly.

1. Hang Mirrors Facing the Light Source

A good way to instantly bounce light around (and make the room look bigger at the same time) is to hang a large mirror directly across from the main source of natural light. For example, hang a decorative mirror across from your biggest window. The light that comes through will reflect off the mirror’s surface, which will make the room brighter.

2. Paint the Walls with a Matte Finish

If you have a dark room, shouldn’t you paint the walls with a glossy finish to reflect light?

Actually, no. Instead of reflecting light, glossy walls will invite glare. This concentration of light doesn’t distribute it around the room evenly, so it won’t look brighter.

Instead, paint the walls with a matte paint, which will reflect the light evenly in every single direction.

3. Use Light Paint Colors

That’s not to say you should paint your walls with a moody, dark blue paint in a matte finish. To make your room look brighter, you have to go lighter. Choose a paint color that will look fresh and airy, not deep and dark.

4. Supplement the Sunlight

Some dark corners of your home just won’t get enough sunlight, no matter what you do. For these areas, add a small lamp and switch it on whenever you’re using the room to help brighten it up.

5. Clean Your Windows

This is perhaps the simplest trick, yet one that’s surprisingly effective. If your room is dark, tackle the windows with glass cleaner. Even a film of dust or rainwater stains can impede the natural light hitting the surface. Clean the glass to let as much light through as possible.

6. Don’t Hang Too Much on the Walls

Guess what – if you have a whole host of paintings and pictures covering your walls, they will absorb some of the natural sunlight and contribute to the darkness. Save big pieces with dark colors for rooms that get plenty of light. If the room feels boring, hang up mirrors and artwork with reflective elements, like metal and glass.

Light Up Your Life with Bright Design Tips

You don’t have to pretend you’ve time-traveled to the Dark Ages when you’re at home. Instead, brighten things up with a few handy design tips and step into the light of the sun. You may end up feeling happier and more content when you spend time there – which is how it’s supposed to be.