DIY Projects: How to Add Character to Your Home


Whether you are ready to add the architectural detail you’ve always felt your space was lacking, or you are hoping to refine your home’s character to appeal to potential buyers, creating visual interest in your home doesn’t have to be a major undertaking.

There are several DIY projects to bring out your home’s character without breaking the bank.

1. Replace the doors

Interior doors have a big impact on the overall look of your home. Switching out doors in a particular area of your home so that they all match can improve the cohesiveness of the space and improve its visual flow. Similarly, replacing doors that are dented, damaged or don’t close properly can also work wonders on your home’s overall interior appeal.

2. Add door trim

If replacing the doors seems like a daunting undertaking, adding or changing the trim surrounding the doors can add a level of dimension that might just do the trick. You have almost limitless options when it comes to selecting new trim—the trick is to pick out something that matches your taste as well as the rest of the trim in your home.

3. Replace the doorknobs

Often overlooked, the hardware on your interior doors can make or break the look of a space. Reinvent the feel of a room, hallway or an entire floor of your home by selecting hardware that better reflects the look you are trying to achieve. Most home and specialty stores offer boundless options in a wide range of price points and materials, from colored glass to antiqued metals to painted porcelain.

4. Add trim and molding to the walls

If your home feels like a sea of boring drywall, installing new trim and molding is a surefire DIY way to add loads of personality to a room.  Whether your aesthetic leans toward sleek and modern or more classic and traditional, your local home improvement store will have a variety of options to help you bring a touch of charm and dimension to your ceilings, walls and baseboards.

Let Your Home’s Personality Shine Through

With a bit of time investment, budget and elbow grease, there are many cost-effective DIY projects that can help enhance the charm and architectural interest throughout your home.