Here’s What the Future of Home Tech Looks Like


Technology is a fixture in our lives now more than ever. Most people won’t be caught dead out of the house without their smartphone, and more are depending on their gadgets to make life easier.

As tech gets smarter and cheaper, what will the future of home tech look like? That’s one interesting question. Let’s gaze into a crystal ball and see if we can make any predictions based on what tech looks like right now.

The Future of Home Tech: Smaller, Smarter Homes, Less Work

In the future, homes may be smaller but smarter. You’ll be able to access the internet everywhere with your voice, and you may have little home helper robots, too.

Tech That Does the Chores

We already have robot vacuums and self-cleaning ovens. In the future, home tech that takes care of tasks like these will get better. In fact, you even may be able to say goodbye to cleaning windows or scrubbing counters.

Flexible Rooms and Furniture

The trend of downsizing is continuing to grow, and not just for older folks. Young people are eschewing echoing houses in favor of smaller dwellings, and many are choosing to rent long-term for the flexibility it affords.

This flexibility may just translate to furniture and the walls of our spaces. Modular, convertible furniture is already trending (you probably own a coffee table with hidden storage, for instance). Tech will take things one step further. Someday, you may be able to reconfigure the size of your rooms with the touch of a button.

Connectivity Everywhere

We’re already pretty connected, whether that means to each other or to the internet. Naturally, social media and voice-activated search are going to move further into the home in the future.

For example, you’ll be able to cook in your kitchen and ask your home assistant what the recipe says to do next. Your fridge will tell you whether the milk is still good, and will adjust the temperature of your cold drinks to your liking.

Personalized Environments, Without Lifting a Finger

We’re moving toward a future where your home will automatically adjust the environment the second you step through the door. Based on your preferences, your home will change the lighting, adjust the temperature, open or close the curtains, and even tell you what you could make for dinner based on the ingredients in your fridge.

Smart Countertops

Yes, in the future, even our kitchen countertops will get smarter. Tech is developing right now that will make these currently-static fixtures totally operational for different uses.

For example, in the future, you could turn your ordinary counter into a cooktop. When you’re done cooking, it could change into a dining space, and then into a technology hub so you can check out the news.

Technology right now is constantly changing. There are so many ways it could go, it’s fun to think about the future of home tech and all the wonderful (and slightly weird) possibilities.