How to Make Rental Properties More Energy-Friendly


There’s nothing worse than getting stuck with old, outdated rental properties. In addition to being difficult to decorate, these rental properties are often incredibly inefficient, resulting in expensive utility bills for you. Luckily, you’re not stuck in this new reality. While you might not be able to overhaul your rental property entirely, you can take some simple steps to make even the oldest rental properties more energy-efficient.

5 Energy Saving Tips for Rental Properties

1. Place plastic film on the windows

If you live in a cold climate, purchase a plastic window kit before winter rolls around. These kits are easy to use and can save you hundreds of dollars on heating expenses throughout a winter by providing a heat-trapping barrier between your home and the great outdoors. While these kits are useful in every home, they’re especially applicable to homes with old, single-pane windows.

2. Swap out light bulbs

One simple way to make your rental properties more efficient is to swap your light bulbs for fluorescent light bulbs, which consume less energy without sacrificing quality of light.

3. Turn down the thermostat when you leave

If you live in an older rental property, it’s likely that it’s poorly insulated. If this is the case, consider turning the thermostat down when you leave. While the house might be a little chilly upon your return, it will warm up quickly and this simple step helps prevent you from wasting heat and throwing money out the window on utility costs.

4. Use drapes to control your home’s temperature

In the winter, keep drapes open to allow the sun to naturally heat a room. In the summer, pull them closed in the late morning to keep the hot afternoon sun out and help your rooms stay cooler. While this is a simple tip, it’s one that can save you hundreds on heating and cooling costs each year.

5. Air-dry your clothes

Purchase a laundry horse or clothes line to air-dry your clothes. This saves energy and helps you consume less resources on a daily basis. Plus, you get the added benefit of putting on fresh, clean, sun-warmed clothing every day!

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While you may not have complete control over your rental properties’ utility costs, these five simple tips can help cut down on expenses and make your home more efficient on a daily basis. While some of these steps are small, every penny counts and, over time, these tips can add up to big savings.