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How to Save Money on Appliances: 5 Insider Secrets


Whether you’re building a new home or outfitting an old one with some new kitchen gear, learning how to save money on appliances is critical. Appliances are some of the most expensive fixtures in a home, and paying full price can easily blow your budget out of the water.

Fortunately, there are smart steps you can take to slash your rates and enjoy beautiful appliances that don’t break the bank.

How to Save Money on Appliances (Like a Designer Would)

You don’t have to be an industry insider or a design expert to learn how to save money on appliances. Just follow these five tips:

1. Buy Last Year’s Models

Like cars, bikes, and virtually everything else, appliances are more expensive when they’re brand new. That said, you can save hundreds of dollars on your appliances just by purchasing models from last year’s collection.

Look for sales on out-of-season models or clearance offerings that slash prices and make high-quality appliances affordable.

2. Look for Damaged Models

Sometimes, a dishwasher or refrigerator is damaged or dented during transit or while on the showroom floor.

Often, these dings are virtually unnoticeable (think a dent in the side of a refrigerator, or a slight scratch on the top of a dishwasher), but they cut a significant amount off the purchase price of the appliance. Most home goods stores have a section where they keep these “damaged” appliances, so don’t hesitate to ask.

3. Trade in Your Old One

Most people know they can trade in their cars, but did you know you might also be able to trade in your dishwasher? Contact your local appliance store to find out if they accept trade-ins and, if so, how much your old washer, dishwasher, or dryer might be worth. This could save you a significant amount of money and make purchasing the appliance of your dreams a bit easier.

4. Bundle Your Appliances

Often, you’ll get a better deal if you purchase your appliances in bundle. For example, purchasing a washer and dryer set is less expensive than purchasing one of them on their own. Look for bundles at your local stores and online and always try to replace appliance sets together, rather than one by one.

5. Buy the Floor Model

Floor models are brand-new appliances that have been displayed for people to interact with. While these models often don’t come with boxes, they can be less expensive and more immediate than ordering boxed-up models.

Beautiful Appliances Made More Affordable

You don’t have to break the bank on appliances. By using these five tricks, you can purchase brand-new, efficient appliances for your home at a fraction of the cost. While it takes a bit of extra work, it’s well worth the savings you’ll reap in the end.