What’s Trending In Outdoor Pools

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If you are planning to set up or remodel your pool, there are a number of things you should take into account before taking the plunge.

Shape and size are not the only features to consider, especially if you want to be up-to-date with the features trending in outdoor pools at the moment.

Ambiance, hues, surrounding landscape design and high-quality materials are just as important when it comes to adding a personal touch and a sense of uniqueness.

So, if you are ready to make your waterscaping dreams come true, take a look at the hottest ideas for trending outdoor pools.


Outdoor Pool Trends


Dark and Sophisticated

Darker colored pool surfaces are particularly on trend right now.

Navy and black finishes create a dramatic and sophisticated look for your pool.

Furthermore, according to color theory, darker hues will help you feel more relaxed when entering the water. Not to mention that a darker bottom pool attracts more sunlight which means you will get to enjoy a splash in the warm water much faster.


Tropical Oasis

Design your own private lagoon by landscaping the area around your outdoor pool.

Big pots with lush greenery and exotic colorful blooms will take you straight to tropical paradise.

So, there is really no need to pack all those heavy suitcases for a costly vacation abroad.

All you need is the right plants that can thrive in your geographic zone and a summer cocktail at hand.


Sun Shelves

A Sun shelf, also known as a tanning ledge is a great addition to your trending outdoor pool.

It is a flat shallow area in the pool which provides the perfect spot for your sunbathing chairs.

Now you can relax on your sun lounger and keep cool at the same time.

Plus, sun shelves are perfect for young children’s play and provide convenience for the elderly.


Smart Outdoor Pools

Maintaining a pool has never been easier.

Thanks to new technology integration, now you can control the temperature, lighting, music, and even the cleaning features through a user-friendly smartphone app.


Cutting-edge LED Lighting

Advanced LED lighting is the latest thing in outdoor pool trends.

If you are all about late night time pool parties and swimming fun, this trend is the one for you.

You can dazzle your guests with a stunning glimmer in every color of the rainbow and enjoy an unforgettable after-hours ambiance.


Water Features

Customized water features are both enchanting to the eye and pleasing to the ear.

Besides, waterfalls, fountains and deck jets add a personal touch and a sense of uniqueness to your trending outdoor pool area.


Fire Features

Add mystery and excitement by the poolside with artisan fire bowls and fire walls.

Those fire features provide soft illumination and gentle warmth to ensure memorable and romantic nights by the pool.


Small Pools

Just because your backyard can’t accommodate an Olympic-sized pool, doesn’t mean you have to give up on the whole swimming pool idea.

On the contrary – gasp-worthy small pools built with high-quality materials are all the rage right now.

Glass-tile, pebble finished, marble decking and granite will turn your swimming pool into a petite backyard gem.

They are not only space-saving but are also a perfect complement to your outdoor living area and stunning landscaping.


Trending Outdoor Pool Ideas Make Your Backyard a Private Paradise

Whether you are the owner of a grand pool that needs remodeling, or you are starting from scratch, these trending outdoor pool ideas will give you a variety of options to choose from.

Water and fire features, sun shelves and automated technology will take your pool area to the next level and will definitely make a lasting impression.