Need Wallpaper? 5 Wallpaper Tips You Need to Know


Wallpaper can be a beautiful statement in any home. When done right, it adds some oomph to any room, whether that means playfulness, sophistication, elegance, or pizazz.

But unfortunately, wallpaper can also go horribly wrong. It’s almost too easy to mess up, and lots of people do.

There’s hope, though. You just need to know the inside scoop on how to get a perfect installation. Follow these wallpaper tips and get the interior design you’ve been dreaming about.

5 Wallpaper Tips for the Novice

Never wallpapered in your life? Love the look but scared of the work? You need these wallpaper tips.

1. Try Wallpaper Alternatives

Not all wallpaper is the same. In fact, none require paste anymore, and there are lots of options that you can peel and stick.

If you’re wary of wallpaper, try an inexpensive option that’s super-simple to remove. Vinyl decals can give you the look of wallpaper, but they’re basically just giant stickers. Stick them on, and when you’re tired of them, peel them off with no wall damage or extra work.

2. Prep the Walls First

If you’re going for a paper with an adhesive backing that needs water to activate, you need to prep the walls.

If your walls are porous, you may need to seal them in order to give the paper adhesive something to stick to. If your walls aren’t uniformly smooth, you may need to do some sanding or spackling, and then paint a fresh coat of primer.

3. Not Handy? Choose a Simple Pattern

Fussy patterns can be hard to line up on the wall. Make your life easier and choose a simple pattern if you’ve never put up wallpaper before.

4. Don’t Worry – Modern Wallpaper Is Removable

Even if you do make a mistake during installation, remember that modern wallpaper is nothing like the kind they used in the olden days. You won’t have to spend hours scraping it off, bit by bit. Instead, you can use plain old water or steam and it will peel off easily.

5. When All Else Fails, Hire a Pro

After everything, if you’re still worried about messing up your wallpaper job, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Hire somebody you trust who can put up the paper of your dreams. The end result will be well worth the cost if you just can’t get that beautifully patterned paper out of your head.

Get a Magazine-Worthy Look with Wallpaper Tips

If you dream of wallpaper but don’t know how to install it, get courageous and just do it. The best way to learn is to dive in. Plus, you’ll be experienced enough to nail your next wallpaper project with confidence to spare.

For a magazine-worthy home, a pretty wallpaper adds impact and style. So, what are you waiting for?