3 Easy Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move


Moving is definitely a chore. There’s so much to remember, so much to do, and little time to accomplish it all.

Moving can be even harder if you’re concerned about your environmental impact. For one, it’s inherently wasteful – think of all those boxes you use and then throw away, the miles you travel with a big truck that eats up fuel and belches exhaust, and the stuff you get rid of just because you don’t want to move it all.

Luckily, there are easy ways to mitigate the damage and move with the earth in mind. Here is how to decrease your carbon footprint for an eco-friendly move.

3 Ways to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

Moving doesn’t have to be wasteful. Here are just a few easy tips to implement when you’re packing up and moving house.

1. Reuse Boxes

When you move, you need a lot of boxes. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy them new, however. Instead, ask around for used boxes that your friends and family may have left over from mailing packages, storage, or their own move.

When you’ve finished your move, and have mountains of discarded boxes, consider breaking them down and storing them or offering them up to the next person you know who’s moving. If you need to get rid of them fast, take them to your local recycling center instead of dumping them in the trash.

As an alternative to boxes, think about purchasing reusable plastic bins that you can keep for years and use again and again.

2. Donate Items Instead of Trashing Them

You may be tempted to throw stuff you don’t want into the dumpster when you’re trying to move, but this is incredibly wasteful.

Instead, a few weeks before moving day, go through your possessions and sort out items you can donate or sell. Clothes, books, kitchen items, and small pieces of furniture can go to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

If you have old electronics or appliances you need to discard, don’t dump those, either. These can usually be recycled, or, if they still work, donated. Big box electronics stores usually accept old computers, chargers, TVs, microwaves, and media players for recycling.

3. Hire a Green Moving Company for an Eco-Friendly Move

A green moving company can help you achieve an eco-friendly move. Many companies now offer moving trucks with lower emissions, recycled moving products, like cardboard boxes, and more.

Especially if you’re moving cross-country, using an efficient truck can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re driving a rental truck yourself, don’t forget to lower your speed by a couple miles per hour to save even more energy.

An Eco-Friendly Move is the Right Move

Moving is a pain, but there are easy ways to make it eco-friendlier. Remember to reuse, recycle, and reduce your carbon footprint where you can. A little planning in advance will take you a long way toward a greener, eco-friendly move.