5 Clues That Could Mean You’re Ready to Move

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Moving isn’t easy, which is why it takes careful thought and consideration before diving in and putting your current house on the real estate market.

Knowing whether or not you’re ready depends on lots of personal factors. However, there are some common signs to pay attention to that will let you know you can pull the trigger with little hesitation.

5 Signs You Might Be Ready to Move

Are you ready to move house? Identifying with any of these signs may give you the answer.

1. You’re Feeling Cramped

Are you running out of extra space? Do you have to think carefully about every purchase because there just isn’t a lot of room to work with? Or, is your family growing?

If you’re feeling like your home is a box that’s closing in on you day by day, you may be ready for an upgrade. Moving house could give you the extra space, storage, or bedrooms you’re craving to make life more comfortable.

2. You Regularly Check Online Listings “Just to See What’s Out There”

If you check out that real estate app multiple times a day or quickly browse through nearby listings regularly, you may be avoiding the reality.

What are you looking for that your current home doesn’t have? If you’re constantly seeing if anything in your price range is for sale, and you dream about a different home setup regularly, it may be time to get going, already.

3. You Complain About the Climate/Neighborhood/Commute/Other Factor Daily

Do you find something about your current living situation to complain about daily? Then that’s a big red flag that you want something else.

If you have the means and moving could make your life infinitely better, it’s time to address that dissatisfaction and get ready for a change of scenery.

4. You’re Overwhelmed with the Upkeep

Maybe you’re an empty-nester, or perhaps you’re just getting to a point where simplifying would fit better with your lifestyle. Whatever your situation, if your house is becoming too much to care for, it may be time to downsize.

5. Your Commute Is (Figuratively) Killing You

If you have to wake up at five a.m. to be ready at six for your one-hour commute, stop and think for a minute. What could you do with those extra two hours in your day you spend traveling to and from work?

Or, if you have to fight through traffic during your commute every morning and it’s raising your blood pressure, maybe your health demands you live closer. If your commute is dragging you down, it might be time to relocate closer to your job.

You May Be Ready to Move But Just Haven’t Realized It

Moving is a huge deal, so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. However, if you find yourself identifying with any of the above signs, it may be time to start planning for your next big life change.