How to Find the Right Couch for Your New Home


You just moved in. Your new house is bigger, better, and brighter, but there’s one problem. Your old couch is all wrong for the new place. It’s old, or too small, or too big. It’s the wrong color, or it’s all worn out from pets or your rambunctious kids. Whatever is wrong with it, you need a new couch. Here’s how to find the right couch that will suit your home and whoever will be sitting on it and bingeing on their favorite TV shows.

How to Find The Right Couch: 4 Things to Think About

Looks aren’t everything when you’re trying to find the perfect couch, but they do play a role. Start with color and style, then get practical.

1. Color and Style

Of course, the first things you may think about when choosing a couch are probably the most obvious: color and style.

When picking out a style, it helps to know what you like and what you don’t. However, some people are totally clueless about these things. If you’re in this camp, look around your home and at your beloved objects to discern what type of design you gravitate toward.

Do you like clean lines and sleek design? Or do you love elaborate details, frills, and pattern? Perhaps you’re squarely in the middle. Whatever you prefer, apply that toward the style of couch you choose.

2. Who Will Be Sitting on It?

Even if your couch looks great, it won’t serve its purpose if it’s uncomfortable for the people who will be sitting on it daily. For example, tall people need a deeper couch, but older people appreciate a piece that makes it easier for them to sit down and get up again.

3. Fabric Type and Quality

Depending on how you plan to use it, the fabric type and quality you choose will have a big impact. If you have both kids and pets and the piece will be in a high-use area, you need a durable, stain-resistant fabric. If the couch will be in a room that’s mainly used for entertaining, you could get away with choosing something more luxurious and less durable.

4. Size and Scale

Don’t forget about size and scale when choosing a couch. A giant sofa will swallow a small room, but a tiny couch will look like doll furniture in an echoing space. Measure your room before you go shopping so you can pick out a couch that’s sized just right.

How to Find The Right Couch? Combine Common Sense + Personal Preference

In the end, the perfect couch for you, your home, and your family will be a nice balance between your personal style, preference, and practicality. It should be comfortable for all family members to sit on, be able to hold up to daily use, and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home décor. That’s a winning recipe for a furniture piece you’ll keep for years and years.