Kitchen Plumbing: 3 Things to Inquire About Before Buying


The kitchen is often the selling point of a home. Many people search for a spacious kitchen, even if they don’t cook. The kitchen is a focal point, often one of the first things you notice when you enter a home. It is not uncommon for people to pass on a house simply because of the kitchen. However, have you considered the importance of kitchen plumbing?

The one thing many people don’t think about when looking at a kitchen is the plumbing because it is the one thing you don’t openly see when walking into a kitchen. Everything may look fine on the exterior, but there may be problems that you aren’t aware of. Here are three things to ask about before you commit to a house.

1. Water Pressure

Having water flow that isn’t strong enough to clean your dishes is aggravating. It is at that point where it seems more economical to scrape the food off the dishes and throw them in the dish washer. If the kitchen plumbing hasn’t been kept up to date, how are you supposed to believe any of the other home plumbing has been checked, or is working properly? You certainly don’t want to have to upgrade the kitchen plumbing once you’ve moved in.

2. Clogged Drain Lines

Clogged drains are often the result of people not using enough water to completely wash residual food down the drain. The food then builds up in the pipe lines. It could also be the cause of low water pressure.

At times, this can be an easy DIY fix, but other times it requires the work of a plumber and possibly even the replacement of a pipe if it is too bad. Getting information about pipe maintenance is never a bad idea.

3. Leaks

Having a leak can range anywhere from a minor drip to a massive amount of water damage and repairs. If one has occurred, it is a good rule of thumb to ask how severe it was and if it caused water damage. If damage had been inflicted, it’s important to note that how the leak is repaired can affect the value of the home.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Good Kitchen Plumbing

You want your future kitchen to be as close to pristine as possible. There is little reason to buy a house with plumbing issues since plumbing affects far more than just the kitchen.

If it is possible to strike a deal with the current homeowners to have kitchen plumbing repaired before you purchase it, you are in luck. Some homeowners will be able to work with you if they are truly interested in selling and if you have offered a fair price. Don’t hesitate to ask about these things, as they can be a deciding factor among your list of potential homes.