Moving House: When to Go It Alone and When to Hire Professional Movers


Moving can be a pain in the neck, but it doesn’t have to be if you make some smart choices. The first should be whether you will move everything yourself, including bulky furniture or heavy appliances, or if you will hire somebody else to do it for you.

There are various pros and cons between moving house yourself or hiring pros, but your decision should depend on your own personal preferences, how far away you’re moving, and more.

Should You Hire Out or DIY When Moving to a New House?

Look at a few different factors before making a choice. When moving day comes along, you’ll be glad you mulled it over.

Moving On Your Own: More Leg Work, Less Worry

If you choose to go it alone, moving house yourself can be a big undertaking, especially if you have a lot of possessions or live in a large home.

Moving on your own means doing every last bit of the work: packing up, organizing, renting a truck (or borrowing one), putting every last thing in the truck, driving it to your destination, and unloading. If you’re physically incapable of doing the heavy lifting, or if you are moving across the country, doing a few or all of these jobs just might not be feasible.

However, these cons will be mitigated if you enlist lots of friends or family members to help you, the job is much, much easier and far less expensive than when you hire professional movers. Your social circle may offer assistance without any strings attached, or you may offer to return the favor when it comes time for them to move. You can even spring for pizza for everyone as a way to say “thank you.”

When it comes down to it, you’ll also be less worried about the state of your belongings, because you’ll be doing it all yourself. If you have lots of fragile, breakable, or expensive items to move, you can reassure yourself with extra care and attention to packing and transport.

Hire Professional Movers to Save Time

Some people just don’t have the wherewithal or the time to move everything they own to a new place. This is when professional movers can help lighten the load of work.

Especially if you are making a big move to a distant locale, professional movers will provide the right size truck, load everything onto it efficiently, and take care of the driving. If you’re okay with saying goodbye to your possessions and letting them out of your sight until they arrive at your new dwelling, this can be a good option to wash your hands of the pains of moving.

Make Moving Easier and Choose Your Method Wisely

Moving house can be easier as long as you make the right choice for you. Pick the right option that balances your needs with your budget and how involved your move will be.