How to Cut Costs and Save Money While Moving


The costs of moving can add up fast. Boxes, packing material, moving companies, moving trucks, shipping, and more are all part of transporting your worldly possessions from one home to another.

It makes sense to tighten your budget during this time, especially if you have just put down a chunk of change on closing costs and a down payment for your new home. Never fear – if you’re worried about moving expenses, there are ways to save money while moving.

Moving Tips to Help You Cut the Costs of Packing Up and Moving Out

Moving on a budget is totally do-able. Here are some key ways to do it.

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

Slash what the moving company will charge you by getting rid of anything you don’t use or don’t need. They can’t charge you for it if they’re not moving it. Big, bulky exercise equipment that you never work out on is a usual suspect here, as well as kitchen appliances that gather dust (donut makers, salad spinners, or panini presses often wind up in the back of people’s cabinets). The same goes for those books you’ll never read and the mountain of clothes you never wear.

Utilize Novel Solutions for Packing

You don’t have to go out and buy a pile of cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. Not only is it wasteful (this stuff usually goes straight into the trash after people unpack their belongings), it can become incredibly expensive. Nor should you purchase moving supplies from moving companies.

Instead, use what you have for packing. Think about containers you have lying around the house: empty suitcases, plastic bins, tote bags, or laundry baskets. For packing material, wrap fragile items in dish towels, linens, and sheets. Once you have used up what you have on hand, ask around for cardboard boxes from friends and family, and go to local businesses, who will usually give away their used boxes for free.

Don’t Move During Peak Season

If you’re hiring professional movers, try to avoid moving during peak season if you can swing it. Most people move during the summer months due to the weather and the fact that the kids aren’t in school. However, if you try to move between October and April, you could pay far less and save money while moving. 

Do-It-Yourself to Cut Moving Costs Significantly

When all else fails, rent a truck and move your own stuff. Ask for help from family and friends. At most, you’ll owe some favors or a free meal for your crew in exchange for their valuable assistance.

It’s Easy to Save Money While Moving 

It doesn’t take much to cut moving costs. Weed out items you don’t need, move during the off-season, be creative and eco-friendly when it comes to packing, and, if you really want to save, move your own stuff. You’ll end up using that money for other things, like sprucing up your new home.