Stress Less: Pack a Moving Day Survival Kit for a Big Move

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A big move can equal big stress and big problems.

You may arrive at your new place totally exhausted and in need of the aspirin, but where did you pack it?

The movers tracked in dirt when they brought in your furniture – where are your cleaning supplies?

Furthermore, you need to take a shower and wash the stress of the day away, but you can’t remember which box holds your bath towels and toiletries.

For these situations and more, make the move easier on yourself by packing a survival moving day kit. It should be a handy box, bucket, or bin stuffed with all the essentials, kept close at hand, so you don’t have to go rooting through your towers of boxes and shuffling through the mess to find simple necessities.

Packing Tips: What to Put in Your Moving Day Kit

Follow this moving guide and take some of the stress out of your moving experience.

1. Aspirin and Medications

Moving comes with lots of bending and lifting. Plus, the combination of stress and a long car ride can give you a headache. Put the aspirin in your kit, and don’t forget any daily medications.

2. A Few Rolls of Toilet Paper

There’s nothing worse than your kid dancing around and trying to hold it while you frantically search for the TP.

3. Swiss Army Knife

For opening boxes and packaging, putting together furniture, and other small tasks, a Swiss Army knife is a versatile addition to your kit (because you won’t have room for the entire tool box).

4. Phone Chargers

Keep your phone full of life and have your charger handy, because how else will you call for pizza delivery?

5. All-Purpose Cleaner and Rags

You might need to do some quick cleaning or dusting before you can start unpacking anything. You may also need to wipe down floors or counters where the movers made a mess. Plus, having a few cleaning supplies handy will keep you prepared for any mishaps.

6. Bath Towels and Toiletries

Taking a shower at the end of a long day, or even just washing the grime from your hands and face, is soothing. Keep necessities in your kit so you can easily clean up.

7. Trash Bags

Moving day requires trash bags for discarding packaging and trash from take-out meals or fast food – because nobody is cooking.

8. Bandages

When you cut yourself with the box cutter or hurt yourself banging around with boxes, you’ll need the bandages.

9. Flashlight

A flashlight will help you check out dark corners, your new basement, or illuminate your new attic.

10. Water and Snacks

Moving day is so chaotic, nobody will remember to eat, much less hydrate, until they’re starving and their throats are parched. Keeping water and snacks on hand will help tide everyone over until someone can finally order that pizza.

Moving is stressful, but you can make it easier on yourself with these packing tips. Keep your moving kit close at hand, and remember that, at the end of the day, it’s just stuff.