6 Smart Solutions for Renting with Pets


Finding a rental that allows pets isn’t always easy. Lots of places flat-out refuse to let you keep a furry companion. If you have a beloved, four-legged best friend that you just won’t compromise, this can make it hard to find a place to live. If you’re feeling defeated, don’t worry. It’s not impossible. Solutions for renting with pets can help you find the right place – not to mention keep it in good condition so you get your entire deposit back at move-out.

The Renter’s Guide to Having Pets: How to Do It Easily and Responsibly

There are a few keys to keeping pets and renting. It involves being smart and taking responsibility for your pet.

How to Find Pet-Friendly Rentals

1. Look for Ads that Specifically State “Pet-Friendly”

If you need a place for you and Rover that will be accommodating and understanding of the ins and outs of pet ownership, look for ads that specifically mention pet-friendliness.

Landlords that do this will understand the wear-and-tear that comes with a pet. They even may have extra fees to cover it, in the form of “pet rent” or an extra deposit amount. Especially if you’re looking at apartments, pet-friendly rentals will understand that your dog will occasionally bark, that it may have accidents indoors, and other pitfalls of pet ownership that you can’t control.

2. Ask the Landlord Outright

If the ad doesn’t mention a thing about pets, you have to ask. Some landlords may be amenable if you provide proof that your pet isn’t a menace. For instance, when gathering your rental references, make sure they mention how responsible you were while living in past rentals with your pet.

3. Look for Properties with Designated Pet Areas

A quick way to find a good, pet-friendly place is to scan the outdoor areas. Are there pet waste bins throughout the property? Is there a nearby dog park? How about walking trails? The inclusion of any of these amenities is a great sign that your pooch will be welcome.

How to Get Your Entire Deposit Back when Renting with Pets

1. Clean Up Messes Right Away

Every pet makes a mess once in a while. The key is to clean it up as soon as possible after it happens. Whether it’s an accident or an unfortunate run-in with one of your houseplants, clean it up quickly to help mitigate lingering odors or stains that can chip away at the money you get back at move-out.

2. Be Responsible

You need to be responsible if you have a pet in a rental. This means reinforcing good behavior, picking up after them around the property, and making sure they don’t bother other residents.

3. Work with Your Pet

If your pet is disruptive, destructive, or both, you need to get it under control if you want to come away with a good rental reference and your full security deposit. Start training classes, be consistent, and take the time to work on their behavior issues.

Keeping pets and renting isn’t rocket science. It just takes common sense and dedication. Use these tips and you’ll have no problem renting with pets.