3 Décor Tips for Renters: How to Make Your Pad Feel Like Home


If you’re renting, your home or apartment doesn’t have to feel cold, impersonal, or bland.

Instead, take the time to make a few small changes. These will add a big impact, make your home more inviting, and won’t undercut your budget. Try any of these décor tips for renters and you’ll be eager to spend more time in your domicile, not to mention host more friends and family.

For Rental Home Décor, Add Your Personality with These 3 Tips

Injecting a dose of your personality and style into your home doesn’t take much. Even if you can’t change the foundational elements of your abode, you can still drastically change the feel of every room with just a few additions.

1. Add Layers

Adding layers of décor like rugs, artwork, pillows, blankets, curtains, and photos, instantly makes a room look cozier, lived-in, and full of character – more specifically, your character. So, don’t hesitate to hang up those pictures you have sitting around in a closet, lay down a rug or two, and put up drapes, even if you are only staying temporarily.

2. Renting a Home? Buy Some Plants

Add some life to your rental home decor with plants. There are lots of species that only need minimal light and watering. No need to worry if you have a black thumb or your space doesn’t get much sunshine!

Not only do plants add a splash of color, they can even help improve your indoor air quality – and your mood.

Trying growing an indoor herb garden on a windowsill to take your cooking to the next level. You can even pick up a fresh flower arrangement at your local grocery store and stick it in some water for a jolt or freshness and color that can last as long as two to three weeks.

3. Paint, or Put Up Removable Wallpaper

If you’re allowed to paint, do it, even if it’s just an accent wall. A fresh coat of paint adds life and freshens the vibe of any room.

As an alternative to paint (or if your landlord doesn’t allow it), consider removable wallpaper. Modern options now come in a wide range of styles, colors, patterns, and installation options. For best results, use peel-and-stick wallpaper, which requires no water or paste. If you want something simpler, try wall decals, which now come in types that can be stuck on the wall and moved multiple times.

These Décor Tips for Renters Will Take Your Rental from Lifeless to Lively

Quick and easy décor fixes can transform any impersonal rental space into your home. Even if your lease is short, improve your mood and coziness quota by investing your time in hanging pictures, adding touches like plants, or even painting a wall.

Try any of these décor tips for renters and make your space more you. You’ll soon find yourself craving more time at home and enjoying every second of your day there.