How to Make Your Home Secure

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We all know the popular “my home is my castle” quote. And like every castle, your home needs a solid defense against any potential intruders.

Alarming statistics show that approximately one in every thirty-six homes in the US will be burglarized this year. In other words, one home will be broken into every 15 seconds.

We have prepared 8 important tips to show you How to Make Your Home Secure against any threats.

Remember that home security needs multiple pieces working together to keep you as safe as possible.

How to Make Your Home Secure

1. Lock Up

According to another disturbing statistic, 30% of the burglaries are not forced entry. That means that the door was left open.

It is simple. Just lock your doors and windows and to drastically improve your home’s security.

2. Keep your keys safe

Keeping your keys safe is as important as locking up your home. You should never hide a spare key outside, especially somewhere obvious like under the welcome doormat or in a plant pot by the back door.

3. Install an Alarm System

Having an alarm system is probably the best way to make your home secure. All modern systems are equipped with cameras, window and door sensors, keypad, motion sensors, and key fobs.

Along with that, you can take advantage of smart home supports like August, Nest, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

4. Add a Door Brace

A door brace is a very underutilized home security device. It is normally installed on the floor behind an entry door. In the locked position, it can help a door sustain several hundred pounds of brute force.

5. Create the Impression That You are Home

Planning a vacation or an extended stay at the in-laws? Make it seem like you are home. An empty home is more attractive to burglars. You can postpone your mail and newspaper deliveries and use automatic timers for lights.

You can also ask some of your closest neighbors to park their car in your driveway.

6. Use Outdoor Lighting

Good outdoor lighting not only gives the appearance that you are at home but also reduces any potential hiding spots for intruders and burglars.

A good motion-activated outdoor light with high lumens adds extra security to your home. The good news – it is not expensive at all!

7. Invest in a Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells can be your eyes and ears. If someone rings your doorbell, you can use your smartphone to visually confirm who is at the door.

On top of that, some products feature two-way communication which is especially useful when you are not at home but want to appear as if you are.

8. Get Covered

Make sure your home insurance is up to date and offers enough protection to cover all your belongings.

Now You Know How to Make your Home Secure

By implementing these tips, you are on your way to a safe home for you and your family. Remember that home security is a complex process. Each step is important, but the best solution involves implementing each of these.