Is a Vacation Home Rental Right for You?


If you’re going on an extended vacation, you may have considered a vacation home rental.

This option for travel accommodations is getting popular for a reason. Vacation rentals offer more space and privacy at a comparable cost to hotels. They can be perfect for families or larger groups who want to stay together on a trip.

However, renting a vacation home isn’t for everyone. Figure out what’s right for you and think carefully about the pros and cons before making a reservation. You’ll have a much better trip when you stay somewhere that suits your travel style, group size, and preferred amenities.

The Pros of Renting a Vacation Home

There are lots of good reasons to stay at vacation homes vs. hotels.

1. There’s Lots of Space

As opposed to a one-room hotel suite with a bathroom in close corridors, going with a vacation home means you get the whole property to yourself. This means multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a living room, and a full kitchen. You’ll most likely have access to a washer/dryer, and, depending on where you go, you could have a swimming pool, a fire pit, or a patio in the backyard.

Of course, all of this becomes more important if you plan to do a lot of hanging out at your rented abode.

2. You’re Right in the Middle of It All

In many cases, staying at a vacation home means you’ll be right where the locals hang out. For instance, you might be in a residential neighborhood near cool hang-outs vs. stuck in a touristy area with lots of other hotels.

The Cons of Staying at a Vacation Rental

When it comes to vacation homes vs. hotels, sometimes hotels win.

1. There Are No Extra Services

When you stay in a vacation home, unfortunately, nobody is going to make a gourmet breakfast for you and deliver it to your door. There probably won’t be a free fitness center to get in your morning workout, and there will be no concierge to help you get those tickets you want or to tell you which restaurant is better. Most importantly, there won’t be daily maid service or someone you can call up for fresh towels or linens.

2. Reservations Aren’t Very Flexible

Unlike at a hotel, your reservation for a vacation home may be stricter. Canceling at the last minute is not usually an option – unless you don’t mind forfeiting your deposit. Also, you may find that your choices for staying at a vacation rental are more limited for a short-term trip. As such, if you’re only visiting for a couple of days, it may make more sense to get a hotel room.

A Vacation Home Rental Can Be the Perfect Escape

For lots of people, especially families and large groups, renting a vacation home can be the perfect answer. Definitely keep these properties on your list if you’re planning an extended trip or are desiring the space and privacy they offer.