Buying or Selling a House: Is One Real Estate Agent Enough?

Buying Selling

In the process of buying and selling, you may wonder if there’s a better, more efficient way to find the house of your dreams. You may have even considered hiring multiple real estate agents.

Is it a good idea? When can it help you, and when can it actually hurt you?

Here’s when to go with additional real estate agents, and when to commit to a single professional to help you on your buying or selling journey.

2 Times to Enlist More than One Real Estate Agent

There are times when it’s smart to hire on extra help when you’re buying or selling. Here’s when it’s a good idea:

1. You’re Moving Out-of-State

Moving out-of-state is tough, so hiring multiple agents can help you out a lot during the process. For instance, you can hire one agent in your home state to help sell your house. In your destination, you can hire another agent to help you find your new abode. In many cases, these agents can even work together to help you.

2. You Haven’t Signed an Exclusivity Agreement with any Agent

If you feel like two (or more) agents would help you more efficiently than one alone, you’re free to hire away. However, you can only do it if you haven’t signed an exclusivity agreement or contract with your current agent.

When to Stick to One Agent

Sometimes, it’s better to put all your eggs in one basket. For instance:

1. You Need to Find a Home – Fast – in Your Stomping Grounds

If you need to find a home fast, and you’re not moving far away, one agent is enough. This is because agents in the same area have access to the exact same resources. One real estate agent should be able to get you where you need to go.

Plus, committing to one agent means that they will be more likely to dedicate themselves to finding you the perfect home. This is because they know you will be making your purchase through them and not another agent.

2. You Want a Person You Can Trust on Your Side

Again, when you commit to one agent, they can commit to you and your search. This means you can more easily put your trust in them to do their best to find exactly what you’re looking for.

When to Hire More Than One Real Estate Agent Isn’t Always Straightforward

The buying and selling game isn’t always cut-and-dry. Sometimes you need to enlist extra help, and sometimes you need to stick to one strategy. It always depends on your unique situation and how you want your real estate journey to go.

No matter what, always think carefully before jumping into hiring extra real estate help.