How to Make Your Home More Photogenic

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Whoever said you never get a second chance to make a first impression may very well have been talking about the listing photos for the sale of a home. In today’s market, it is more than likely that the first contact a potential home buyer makes with your home will be online, which makes the photos that accompany your listing incredibly important. Fall short on the first impression, and your home will likely never get the chance to make a second one in person.

Make Your Home Photogenic: Put Your Best Foot Forward in Listing Photos

Chances are your photos will be taken by a professional photographer recommended by your listing agent, so you are in good hands. But there are some things that you can (and should) do in preparation of a photo session to ensure your home is camera-ready.

1. Banish Clutter

The single most important thing you should do to prepare your home for picture day is to clear out the clutter. Any room in your home will appear more spacious in the absence of all that ‘stuff.’

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the clutter has been there so long, you don’t even see it anymore. Unfortunately, you can bet that the camera will. Take this opportunity to purge your piles, or at least stash them away for a while. Be sure to clear away personal items, toiletries and other offenders that the camera will catch.

2. Let The Light In

Welcome the flattering natural light by cleaning windows, opening blinds, and maybe even removing heavy curtains or drapery. Turn on all the lights and lamps in advance of the photographer’s arrival to maximize brightness throughout the home.

3. Touch It Up

Just as you may have become blind to the clutter, you may not notice the scuffs, scratches, and other signs of wear-and-tear on your home. While you may not have time for a total paint job, this is a good opportunity to grab a paint brush and freshen up any damaged areas you spot around your home.

4. Add Signs Of Life

While you don’t want to leave evidence of your personal life for the camera to capture, it’s a good idea to breathe new life into your space by bringing in plants and flowers to add pops of color and a feeling of freshness. A bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen, a single flower in a vase in the bathroom, and potted flowers or plants on the front porch will make your space come alive on film.

5. Do A Walk Through

Prior to the photographer’s arrival, take a tour of your home as if you were seeing it for the first time. Take a very critical eye as you inspect both the exterior and every room inside the house, to catch things like overgrown trees, garbage cans, toys, pet bowls, or other items that a potential home buyer wouldn’t want to picture in their future home.

Get Set for Picture Day

The goal of the listing photos of your home is to make it appear as immaculate, spacious and welcoming as possible to potential buyers. Follow these steps to make your home photogenic and it will be ready for its close up.