How to Make a Tiny Room Seem Bigger: 3 Home Staging Tips


Are you suffering from a lack of space? Are you worried it will make buyers uninterested?

Even if your rooms are shoebox-tiny, you can maximize the available space and make them seem bigger than they really are. It doesn’t require magic or tricks, either. All you need are some practical tips and ingenuity.

3 Home Staging Tips for Tiny Rooms

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to make a few changes. Here are three home staging tips to make even the tiniest of rooms seem larger.

1. Get Sneaky and Crafty with Storage

In tiny rooms, storage is everything. With proper storage, you can reduce the visual clutter and keep everything ultra-organized. This will contribute to a calmer, larger-looking room.

In bedrooms, make sure you use the area underneath the bed to store your stuff. Slide bins or baskets underneath, or purchase a rolling cubby (yes, they sell these at home stores!). This is the perfect place for extra clothing, books, toys – whatever you have that needs to be tucked away.

Don’t forget about the walls, either. Vertical storage will free up floor space and make the room look bigger. Think shelves, built-ins, or hooks to hold your stuff. In a study or living room, a fold-down desk can be “put away” for when you need more space for other activities (like an open house).

2. Cut Down the Clutter

If you want to make your room look larger, you have to get rid of visual obstacles. If your eyes can travel all the way to the walls and floor without pausing on little bits and pieces everywhere, the room will feel bigger.

That’s not to say you can’t have knick-knacks or decorative pieces – just keep them to a minimum, and try to keep them centered in a few key areas rather than spread out all over. For instance, your bookshelf is a good display area. The fireplace mantle is, too.

3. Use Dual-Purpose Furniture

If you can cut down the amount of furniture in a room, you’ll create more visual space.

An ottoman can double as extra seating. A dining table can work as a desk or craft table if you keep supplies hidden nearby. If your kitchen is cramped, a small island with stools can double as both prep space and your eating spot.

Maximize Your Square Footage with Home Staging Tips

Staging your home is all about making it look as appealing as possible to buyers. However, these tips will work for any small space in your life that needs some breathing room.

Don’t fret about cramped quarters. Instead, get creative and figure out how to make them work as well as possible for your lifestyle, or for impressing buyers. That’s the key to a quick home sale as well as a happy household.