How to Maximize Storage Space to Add Value to Your Home


Home buyers may have different styles or design elements they are seeking in their next home, but one feature remains a priority for almost every buyer: ample storage space.

Maximize Storage Space In Your Home

Nothing turns off a potential home buyer like a house full of your belongings—where they don’t belong! Keeping too many of your personal items around not only makes it difficult for a potential buyer to envision themselves in your home but it also gives the impression that there is not enough space to store all that stuff. Here are some ways you can maximize storage space within your home.

Clear Out The Clutter

Put your home’s best foot forward by getting organized—pack up any items that seem overly personal, including family photos, mementos and collections. Where you see treasure, your potential homebuyer sees clutter, so if you feel too invested to be objective, ask a friend with a discerning eye to help you decide what has to go.

Add Shelf Space

It seems no one ever feels there is enough closet or cabinet space in their home, so make sure to maximize the storage potential of the space you’ve got. Installing inexpensive shelving systems will help you use the space most efficiently, and will create the custom look and feel that home shoppers crave. Remember that nothing is off-limits to most potential buyers, so assume they will open every closet or cabinet door to see what might be lurking behind them.

Use Those Hard-To-Reach Spaces

Finally, don’t discount the hard-to-reach space at the top of closets or cabinets. Most homeowners let this space go unused because it’s too difficult to access on a regular basis, but it’s the perfect way to free up your prime storage real estate by storing bulky, out-of-season or infrequently used items.