What to Expect from a Realtor When Selling Your Home


If you’re like most people, the biggest investment you have is your home, so the process of selling it can be an overwhelming one. Hiring an experienced real estate agent can alleviate much of the stress and facilitate the process of selling your home immeasurably.

4 Realtor Benefits When Selling Your Home

What can a seller expect when working with a real estate agent? Here are four benefits of having a realtor in your corner when selling your home.

1. Getting The Price Right

Establishing a competitive pricing strategy for your home is among the most important things a realtor can do to get your home sold. With knowledge of the local market and research on recent comparable home sales, your agent should be able to provide you with a realistic range at which your home should be listed. Taking into consideration things like time of year, how quickly you need to sell and market conditions, your agent can help you zero in on the right price tag for your home.

2. Marketing Your Home

One of the most essential elements to getting a home sold today is marketing it correctly. The best realtors are employing a combination of traditional advertising and more innovative channels to get their clients’ homes in front of the biggest number of potential buyers. The Internet is the place where the majority of buyers will likely discover your home, so you should expect your realtor to be spreading the word through their own professional website, their company’s website and their own social media networks.

3. Communicating With You

Lack of communication is one of the most frequently-sited complaints that dissatisfied sellers have. They simply aren’t hearing from their realtors often enough. When in the process of getting your home sold, you should expect frequent updates from your agent on progress with your listing. Phone calls, texts and emails to your agent should be returned in a timely manner, and you should expect to receive feedback from showings regularly.

4. Negotiating For You

At the end of the day, it is the listing agent’s job to get you the highest possible price for your home in the least amount of time. You can expect your agent to advocate on your behalf to get you the best price, and to fight hard to get the best possible terms for your transaction.

Expect the best when you have a professional on your side.

Selling your home is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make. Having an experienced, full-service real estate agent in your corner can help you successfully navigate the process with ease.