Here’s Why Your Home Is Not Selling


In a seller’s market, you may think you have your home sale in the bag no matter what your property looks like. While you do have a better chance of selling for full price in this climate, you still may run into problems if you neglect certain details. With that said, here is why your home is not selling in a hot market.

Stagnant Listing? 6 Reasons Why Your Home Is Not Selling

If the market is hot and your home is languishing, ask yourself if you committed any of these errors.

1. You Overpriced It

Many homeowners might be tempted to raise their price in a seller’s market. Demand is high, supply is low, so why not take advantage?

This is a mistake, though, because a home priced higher than market value will immediately turn off a large subsection of your potential buyers. Just because there’s a scarcity of homes for sale doesn’t mean people want to get a bad deal.

2. You’re Too Confident

All homes sell easily and quickly in a seller’s market. Right?

Well, not exactly. If you put all your eggs in this basket and get lazy about other aspects like pricing it right, staging, and doing key home updates, you won’t be doing yourself any favors.

Bottom line: You can’t rely on the state of the real estate market to sell your house. You need to sell your house.

3. Your Home Needs Some Work

If your home needs some updates to get in line with comparable listings, that might be a problem. It means that those other homes are showing better than yours. This means even if the market is leaning in your favor, you need to shell out some cash to make your home more competitive.

4. Your Listing Photos Aren’t Good

Poorly lit photos with awkward angles or lots of clutter in the picture can turn buyers off. The same goes for not providing enough photos of your listing. Since the majority of buyers scope out houses online during the process, you need to make sure your photos are good and show off your home to best advantage.

5. Your Agent Is Turning People Off

If you’re doing everything else right but are still sitting on the market, your agent might be to blame. They’re your representative for selling the house, and that requires some social finessing. If they’re hard to talk to, unfriendly, or just burned out, they won’t be very pleasant to deal with. This can leave buyers with a bad taste in their mouths, no matter how great your home is.

6. You Still Have ‘70s-Era Appliances

You’d be surprised at how important appliances are to buyers. If your kitchen is still kitted out with an avocado green refrigerator and a stove from decades past, this could be a make-or-break feature for plenty of people.

Now that you know the top reasons why your home is not selling, you can do something about it. So get back to work and make that listing the best it can be.