Bathroom Vanity Trends

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Vanities are an important part of any major bathroom renovation. They are the central feature of a bathroom, as well as a good way to quickly change the appearance of the space.

By using them as a starting point of your restyling, you can turn the bath into a beautiful masterpiece.

If you are wondering about the latest in bathroom vanity trends, here are some brand-new ideas.


Bathroom Vanity Trends


Stylish Black

The easiest way to make a statement is choosing a dark or black vanity. It creates an eye-catching and unique contrast to a natural interior and can make all-white bathrooms looks less sterile and more modern.

One of the main characteristics of the modern black vanities is that they have simple drawer fixtures and sharp lines. The purpose of these new designs is to create something visually pleasing and functional.

On top of that, smooth surfaces are easy to clean with a simple wipe down.


White, Ebony, and Gray

By far, white, along with ebony and gray are the most popular colors for bathroom vanities.

Since they are natural, these colors go with all bath styles. White will help you make the space feel larger which is an important consideration if your square footage is limited.


Wood Vanities

Nowadays designers and homeowners are choosing wooden furniture-style vanities that look like free-standing furniture pieces.

The textures of wood bring charm and warmth into a crisp, clean bathroom that welcomes everyone who comes in.


Open Shelving

This has been a growing trend for years, both for style and function. Open shelving can make a space look more luxurious and spa-like (think plush white folded towels), as well as friendlier and more inviting.  Importantly, it also makes your space look larger.  This really comes in handy for smaller powder rooms.


Furniture Style Vanities with Storage

If space is not a problem, you will love the next trend.

Need lots of storage? You can accomplish this by bringing a furniture-like feel to your vanity. Look for bathroom vanities with legs that boost it from the floor and allow for open shelving where you can put baskets, fluffy towels, or your makeup and supplies. Choose a vanity with a lot of drawer space to keep all your toiletries discrete. This statement piece usually has a classic look that will serve as a good foundation, even as your style changes.