Contemporary Style Homes on the Rise


When it comes to contemporary design, what comes first to your mind is probably clean lines, open spaces and neutral colors.

However, a basic idea may not be enough to turn your property into the latest thing.

As contemporary style homes are on the rise, you might need a few expert tips if you want your place to stay relevant in the current market.

Are you ready to master contemporary style like a pro?

Read on for some great practical ideas!


Tips For Your Contemporary Style Home


Contemporary Colors

Although contemporary interiors feature predominantly soft and neutral colors, they are anything but boring. You can combine whites and creams with darker hues, such as brown, taupe and mauves. To create a point of interest, add a splash of vibrant color on a single wall, some throw pillows or a striking work of art.


Less Is More

If you want to incorporate a contemporary feel in your home design, banish all clutter. You might want to remove all the framed pictures and collectibles. Space is a major component of the style. By taking out anything unnecessary, each design item and work of art will make an impression.


Statement Furniture

Bold and simple is the way to go with furniture pieces. Forget about prints, tassels or ruffles. What you need are smooth surfaces and geometric shapes. Choose black, white or neutral colors for your sofas and beds, and add texture with natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and silk. Use rugs, cushions and throws in statement colors to create contrast and vividness. Tables often combine polished wood in light shades with glass and shiny chrome details.


Smooth Floors

Opt for hardwood or tile flooring. If the look is too bare for your taste, a heavily textured area rug in warm color will add a softer and more comfortable touch.


Turn the Lights On

Get creative with lightning – use spotlights or can lighting to draw the attention to a painting or a sculpture. Statement track or recessed lighting will emphasize your favorite accessories on display. Or simply install new sleek metallic light fixtures.


Accents and Accessories

Pay special attention to details.

If you want to accentuate certain areas with plants, avoid small arrangements and go for large flowers with intricate leaves. Place them in single metal or glass vases or in statement planters on the floor.

Make sure your dinnerware is intriguing and bold and don’t shy away from dramatic centerpieces.

Upgrade your wall décor with oversized paintings and posters but remember to steer clear of visual clutter.


Contemporary Style Design Makes Your Home the Latest Thing

If you dream of a home from the cover of a trendy magazine but lack the confidence for a full makeover, the above tips will help you get started.