Creative Solutions For Small Spaces

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Decorating small spaces can be quite challenging, especially if you are trying to combine functionality and a modern look for your home.

Standard advice includes hanging mirrors, using multifunctional furniture and avoiding dark colors.

But, if you’re looking for more creative solutions you might want to go off the beaten path.


Searching for original ideas for small spaces?

If your tiny apartment gets in the way of your big designer dreams, these tips might help you find the balance between practicality and imagination.



A hallway looks best when it is both welcoming and organized.

  • Utilize the space just below the ceiling along the length of your hallway with a mounted shelf. It creates discreet extra storage, especially if your ceilings are tall.
  • Hang your coats and jackets on hooks and add a shelf above for convenient hats and gloves storage.
  • A bench will not only provide a place to sit in your hallway but can also serve as a creative storage solution. Just put some baskets underneath and say goodbye to chaos.


Living Room

You can make your living room more functional and artistic with a little reorganization of your furniture and some vertical storage solutions.

  • Add a console behind a free-floating couch for some extra storage.
  • Try a wall mounted bookcase behind the couch – it is both practical and chic.
  • Substitute the freestanding desk with a wall mounted one.
  • Use smaller tables instead of one bigger coffee table. They can serve multiple purposes and are easy to move around to any place you need them.



You can make your small kitchen more functional and pleasing to the eye with these creative decor solutions.

  • Go for cabinets with sliding doors – they save space and are perfect to store and display your favorite coffee cups and beautiful glassware.
  • A hide-away nesting table which rolls beneath your kitchen island will provide you with an extra cooking preparation spot.
  • Vintage-style appliances look truly charming in a small space. They add a pop of color and save tons of space compared to their present-day counterparts.



Your sleeping quarters might have more storage potential than you thought.

  • Opt for a bed frame with drawers instead of a voluminous cabinet. It gives you just as much space to store your clothes and bed sheets without the painful inconvenience of bumping into the cabinet’s corners.
  • Try bookshelves as a headboard. What better way to finish the day than with a book in bed right at your disposal?
  • Add a storage bench under your window. It will give you a lovely place to sit and enjoy the sunshine while keeping your items tidy inside the under-seat compartments.



A small bathroom needs creative vertical solutions for maximum space utilization.

  • Store your bathroom essentials on narrow wall shelves to add a stylish minimalist touch.
  • Pretty canisters are excellent for holding cotton balls, cotton swabs and other small toiletries on your bathroom sink top.
  • Put small wicker baskets on the shelves for extra hidden storage.


Although it can be difficult to find design solutions for small spaces, these tips will provide you with original ideas how to make the most of your place. Follow any of them and you will effortlessly find yourself in a more stylish and functional home.