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Planning and organizing a party in your home might be a complex task nowadays. You need to consider things like food and cocktails, decorating, and different kind of activities.

But don’t worry!

We have researched all the latest home entertaining trends to help you create an enjoyable party atmosphere along with a great experience for all your guests.


Home Entertaining Trends


Simple Classic Cocktails

There is no longer a need to do the full-bar for your guests. Long gone are the days of the convoluted signature cocktail starring ten different ingredients and a week’s worth of sugar. Latest trends bring back the classic standby cocktails such as hot toddy, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Dark and Stormy.


Water Bar

A water bar is a bar dedicated to non-alcoholic drinks – think different variations of flavor-infused water or decanters of iced-teas. Since more people are turning away from alcohol to focus on their health, this trend has been, not surprisingly, rising in the last years.


Customizable Food Bars

Having a make-your-own food bar will give your guests an opportunity to have some fun in customizing their plates. Don’t feel limited to the DIY taco оr sundae bar, either. Anything from making your own mashed potatoes to donuts is fair game.


Savory Tarts

The open-faced sandwich is now an acceptable breakfast, lunch, or even dinner item. Looking for a slightly more festive take on the craze? Savory tarts that mix fresh veggies with creamy and decadent cheese can be a great and delicious addition to your party.


Edible Table Runners

Platters have been on trend for some time now, but, edible table runners offer a much more fashionable dining experience.

According to Pinterest, saves of creative and inspired tablescapes are on the up with 125 percent increase since last year.


Botanical Place Cards

Greenery is still a huge trend, one that’s also proving popular in entertaining too. Those with an eye for more interesting place settings should definitely add a sprig of greenery to each individual setting to create a charming natural touch.


Letter Balloons

If you love chalkboard signs and flag-shaped cake toppers, consider investing in a few on-trend letter balloons to spell out your favorite sayings. You’ll get the same hip, crafty vibe with the addition of being unique.


Photo Booths

Photo booths and then sharing your party on social media with a hashtag is still trendy and won’t be going away any time soon. Having a customized booth is great not only for family gatherings but for work team buildings as well.


Alternative Activities

Not everyone at your party wants to make small talk or watch soccer, so having planned side activities to get your event rolling is important. Theming your parties around a central activity, such as baking the best pies, playing board games, or singing karaoke will be key to getting all of your guests engaged.