How to Clean Your Home Like a Pro

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Every home has its unique cleaning challenges. From dusty screen doors to spotted windows, you need a lot of knowledge to clean like a professional housekeeper.

Sometimes it seems like no matter how much scrubbing you’ve done, your home still doesn’t look like you want it to.

We will teach you how to clean your home like a pro and master the art of speed cleaning. Thanks to our tips, you will turn your place into a sparkling oasis in no time!


How to Clean Your Home Like a Pro


Declutter First

To save some time and stress, you need to organize your belongings before cleaning. Have the kids put all of their clothes and toys away while you do the same with your tablets, books, magazines, etc. We’ve been there, done that and compiled a nifty list of how to declutter your home fast.

Use a Pattern

Try to avoid cleaning your surfaces willy-nilly. Instead, use a consistent pattern. By that, you won’t waste time to go back and hit spots that you missed in the first place.

Professional housekeepers usually clean from top to bottom and then left to right to make sure that the job is done right from the start.


Prioritize Easy Tasks

Start with the low-traffic rooms like the bedrooms, home office, or closets. They are easy to handle and will encourage and motivate you to tackle bigger cleaning tasks in high-traffic areas like the bathrooms, living room, or kitchen.


Focus on the Goal

Distractions can drastically increase the time for cleaning your house. And believe it or not, even the professionals struggle with this issue.

Remove as many distractions as possible to streamline your routine and get the job done faster.

You can start with setting your phone in a vibration mode, shut down the computer, keep the TV off, and leave detailed projects like packing away winter clothes or organizing the linen closet for another time.


Carry a Caddy

Keeping all your cleaning products in a single caddy can save you time. Reduce the amount of stuff you have to carry by having products that multitask such as all-purpose cleaner that disinfects for your kitchen and bath, or a wood cleaner that’s suited for both furniture and floors.


Choose the Right Tools

Besides using multitasking products, you will have to add the right cleaning tools to your arsenal. Microfiber cloths, clean sponges, a mop, a vacuum that works on both tile and carpets, and a scrub brush are all that you really need to get your house sparkling.


Dust First, Vacuum Last

Obviously, you should dust before you vacuum. Why?

Because otherwise, you might wind up vacuuming twice to clean up all the dust that got knocked onto the floor while you were dusting. It’s even better if you get a vacuum with a HEPA filter to ensure that your vacuum isn’t releasing any dust when you clean.


Multitasking is the Key to Fast Cleaning

Doing an additional task while you are cleaning can make you feel like a cleaning master. Start the laundry or the dryer while you are taking care of other tasks to double up on productivity.

On the other side, you might listen to an audiobook while you vacuum the floors or check out a new playlist while you dust. This will bring some joy to your cleaning and make the whole process easier.


How to Clean Your Home Like a Pro Using Our Tips

All of the tips above are designed to help streamline the process and reduce time spent cleaning so you can get back to your daily life. It does not have to feel like a major chore each time you do it. With the right tools, and our helpful tips, you will be cleaning your home like a pro in no time.