How to Declutter Your Home Fast

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According to research, messy homes and work spaces contribute to stress, anxiety, guilt, frustration, and embarrassment.

Don’t worry!

A good decluttering plan is exactly what you need to avoid stress and get things under control. Learn How to Declutter Your Home quickly and easily for a well-organized environment that will give your mind and eyes a much-needed rest from unsightly clutter.

How to Declutter Your Home Fast


Prepare Mentally to Declutter

The whole process of getting rid of unneeded things might be a tedious job so it is good to mentally prepare yourself for the task. Realize that you will be disposing of everything that you don’t use, need, or love.

To feel better, you might turn on your favorite playlist, download an audio book, pull up a podcast or even listen to a favorite funny movie in the background. Of course, this should not be a distraction and you should still be able to focus on the plan.

Visualize Your Place

Before you start stuffing old sweaters in cardboard boxes or tossing papers in trash bags, take a moment to consider your goal for the space.

If you find a photo online or in a magazine and it makes you feel peaceful, try to translate it into your own place. The more specific your vision is, the more motivated you will feel.


Have Trash and Recycling Bags Handy

In order to streamline the whole process of decluttering, make sure you have trash and recycling bags and bins close by.

Once you are done, place the unwanted stuff in bins outside of your apartment or house so it doesn’t have a chance to get back inside


Declutter from Top to Bottom

There is a rule in professional housekeeping that each area should be cleaned from top to bottom.

Same goes for decluttering.

Just as in-house cleaning, you are getting rid of unwanted stuff, reorganizing, or readjusting the location of items.

To declutter your home from top to bottom you should start at the top level of your place, such as the attic or bedrooms, making your way down to the bottom level, basement, or garage.

Your dwelling will go through a total transformation and you will see the results of your hard work in every room.


Declutter the Areas from the Inside Out

Another important tip to help you decluttering faster is cleaning your rooms from the inside out.  Not only it will be easier for you to get in and out of the room, but you will also be able to see progress much faster.

Start with clutter located nearest to the door and then work your way from the middle of the room to the walls. On top of that, you may decide to declutter items in a clockwise fashion inside the room so you will be able to see the progress you’ve made.


Use the Four-Box Method

The four-box method is pretty popular nowadays. As it is clear from the name, you need four boxes: keep, trash, give away, and relocate.

Each item from every room has to be placed into one of the four categories. Using this method, organizing your items might take from an hour to several days or a week. The technique and principles remain the same.


Applying Decluttering Principles

Decluttering your home shouldn’t necessarily be a boring and tedious process. You can make it fast and easy by implementing some of the tips above.

Just don’t forget that is all about your mental preparation. If you are feeling motivated and energetic, you will be able to organize your place much more smoothly. Good luck!