5 Ways to Increase Your Home Value

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If you are wondering how to increase your home value, you are probably asking yourself questions like: Is renovating the bathroom worth it? Will installing high-tech smart speakers throughout the house boost its sale price?

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  That counts for your home, too! Buyers might be less likely to check out the rest of your place if the outside is unappealing—even if the interior is stunning.

Luckily for you, we have gathered the most practical ways to increase your home’s appraisal value and turn it into an appealing offer on the market.


5 Ways to Increase Your Home Value


1. Pay Special Attention to the Kitchen

Kitchen renovation should be at the top of your list since this room is the heart of a home, where families spend most of their time.

But where to start? A couple of givens include installing countertops made from quartz or granite and upgrading to stainless steel appliances because these fairly easy changes will improve the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Details can also make a difference. Consider putting shiny knobs on cabinets and purchasing a sparkling new faucet for the sink.

On top of that, you might knock down a full or half wall to connect the kitchen to a den or living room. That will make your kitchen feel more spacious, and give you the chance to still hear what people are saying during a party, or keep an eye on your kids, while you are cooking.


2. Bling up your Bathroom

A bathroom revamp is as important as kitchen remodels. Luckily, because they are smaller, you can get a luxurious and good-looking bathroom at half the cost.

To really make a statement with your bathroom, consider making it more spa-like. Purchase new faucets for your sink and shower and add plants or nature prints to bring greenery to the space. You can also go for soft wood materials to create a natural atmosphere.

Don’t forget to light up the place with crystal light fixtures, which are super modern nowadays.

Renovating your bathroom will surely increase your home value.


3. Update Your Landscaping

Before you start spending money on your house, look at your yard, sidewalk, landscaping, and front entryway.

In all of these areas, just a few hours of cleaning up your property can go a long way. Tall trees and shrubs can make a small house look even smaller. You can look for lush ground cover plants and add a few pops of color to build more dimension to your walkway.


4. Replace flooring

Nothing turns off potential buyers more than dirty and worn carpet or stained hardwoods.

These days there are many great options for your flooring. You can choose between distressed wood, concrete, textured, terracotta, and carpet tiles, which are all super trendy at the moment,

Investing a little at your feet can significantly increase your home value.


5. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

No matter what your budget is, painting can give you a lot of bang for your buck. When painting, don’t forget trimming around the eaves of the roof, picket fences around your yard, and replacing old downspouts and gutters that may otherwise compromise the appeal of the exterior of your home.