Spring Gardening Trends


A well-maintained garden not only speaks volumes of its owner but also increases your property value.

For a great first impression, what you need is an attractive outdoor area that compliments your home in style.

Do you want to upgrade your property to perfection this Spring? Get your gardening gloves and read on for some of the latest irresistible trends!


Spring Trends For Your Garden


Purple Passion

Create a gasp-worthy garden with a burst of purple!  This bold and mysterious color seems to pop up everywhere and you can try it too. Plant some lavender for a fairy-tale touch or go with the edible garden trend and savor the rich taste of cranberries, plums, and grapes.



Reap the Rewards

Few things are more enjoyable than harvesting your own garden production. It is fresh, delicious and easy on the pocketbook.

If your garden can’t fit a greenhouse, make use of vertical space by growing some legumes, pumpkins, and cucumbers. You can also choose to go minimal by planting cherry-tomatoes, salad leaves and fresh herbs in petite pots and boxes.


Balcony in Bloom

No outdoor space? No problem.

With more people living in rented apartments in the city, this gardening trend will continue to be on the rise. There are hundreds of stylish flower planters and vertical structures that will bring you closer to nature.


Mindful of Mother Earth

If gardening with a cause is your thing, this spring trend is exactly what you need.

It’s all about practices that benefit local wildlife. You can grow flowers which provide pollen and nectar for the bees, along with berry-shrubs and fruit-bearing trees to support birds and insects. Just make sure you use “green” pest control products as an alternative to chemicals.


Grow Native

Growing plants that are native to the area you live in is both low-maintenance and cost-effective. Besides, it is environment-friendly. So, get familiar with the native species that support your local ecosystem or just sit back comfortably in your garden lounge chair and let nature work its magic.


East Meets West

Japanese-inspired landscaping and Zen gardens are a major trend this year.

Fortunately, you can set up your own meditation spot without breaking the bank. A small water feature combined with succulent plants and a meandering stone path will help you slow down and relax. Just place a small bench in one corner, sit down and enjoy the soothing beauty of your garden.


Spring Gardening Trends Make Your Outdoor Area Stand Out


Whether you are into spiritual gardens, purple blossoms, native plants or conscious gardening, it is important to keep your garden in vogue.

With such variety of gardening trends, all you need to do is pick your favorite, take the tools out of the shed and dig in.

If Spring is your favorite season, make the most of it by dedicating time to your garden maintenance and follow any of these trends for a stunning look of your outdoor space. It will be worth it.