Spring Home Décor Trends


Spring is the season of renewal and reinvention on every level and it is only natural that we want to incorporate that vivid sense of exciting transformation into our homes. If you are playing with the idea of refreshing your interior, these Spring home décor trends will definitely inspire you to add a splash of tropical color, go bold with embellishments or experiment with new materials and textures.

Stir violet and velvet together for a royal feel in your home décor.

This Spring comes along with moody interiors in deep violet, emerald green and navy blue. Paint the walls with gem tones to create a dark and cozy atmosphere, which can be further enhanced by opting for trendy velvet upholstered furniture. If you are not so much into drama, you can accentuate your living space with velvet throw-pillows or a carpet in rich color palettes.

Alluring 70s couches with retro curves are more than pleasing to the eye.

Vintage chic is a tempting direction to go in case you would like to achieve a voguish effect with a little bit of sentimental flavor. A 70s inspired curved sofa adds a sophisticated feel to any room. It looks classy and softens the rectangular-shaped spaces. You can match your shapely seating with some retro geometric art to enhance its stylish silhouette.

Dark wood furniture will add gravity and splendor to your interior.

Another major influence this season is dark wood furniture. In contrast to the washed-out trend from previous seasons, this Spring is all about luxury, elegance and a touch of grandeur.

You can boldly upscale your home décor with imposing wood cabinets, wardrobes, countertops or bar stools or simply bring attention to your surroundings with some dark wood pieces of art.

Dazzle your guests with brass, copper and gold on display.

Be bold with gold! You can create a glamorous finish to your furniture with gold details or add a lavish touch to your bedroom with brass lamps, mirrors, and sculptures. Copper and marble are a great trendy combination for your kitchen and will definitely fill your cooking and dining experience with finesse. No matter which hue you prefer, it is bound to make an impression.

Use texture and ornaments in multiple colors to create vibrance and originality.

If you want to brighten up your décor, textile textures and handmade embellishments are here to make it happen. Macramé sofa cushions, fringe-trimmed light fixtures, and colorful tassel decorations are in this season, along with the ever-fashionable rattan furniture and cozy wicker pendants. You can add a special personal feel with artistic handmade ceramics or imaginative hand-painted pottery.

Oversized tropical prints and designs for a lush atmosphere.

There is no need to leave your home to make your tropical island dreams come true. Palm trees, hibiscus, and ferns with rich green leaves, oversized floral patterns and exotic prints will spice up your interior and add that dreamy international flair to your place. You can let your imagination run wild with exotic patterns on your cushions, lampshades, table settings, armchairs or bedding. Whether you will incorporate this trend just as a way to make certain areas in your home stand out or you will remodel your whole bedroom in order to immerse in tropical paradise, this trend will certainly bring a feeling of luscious abundance to your place.

This year, moody velvet interiors in brave colors with a regal air, sleek and stylish sofas combined with abstract art, splendid dark wood furniture accentuated with brass and gold are the latest thing. The above will undeniably add a distinct air of magnificence to your interior. For a lighter springtime mood, you can go with colorful tassels, fringes and tactile textures, natural materials and handmade art or draw some inspiration from the tropical islands and translate that vacation vibe into your décor setup. As there are plenty of inspirational ideas to choose from. All you have to do is take a deep breath, let that springtime enthusiasm sparkle your creativity and reinvent your surroundings in harmony with your own personal unique style.