Tile Floors to Impress

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Keeping your home up-to-date with the latest trends in flooring materials and installation innovations might be really intimidating.
Unique, durable, and stylish tile floors are at the leading edge of the Flooring Revolution in recent years. Tiles are known as an affordable back-up to natural stone and a preferred option for many households.

If you are planning to renovate your floor and are looking for ideas, you are in the right place! Follow our tips to impress your guests with the right floor tiles.


Tile Floors to Impress


Distressed Wood and Concrete Tiles

The distressed floor style has been around for quite a while but has become even more popular lately. We expect to see more homeowners go for that luxury aged look in their flooring in the following years as well.
This type of tile goes through an artificial aging and styling process that gives it a slightly worn finish. It is perfect for places where a beautiful rustic look is desired.
Distressed concrete flooring can be integrated into most types of interiors but works best in contemporary and industrial home styles.


Textured Tiles

If you want to impress your home visitors, consider using textured tiles for your flooring.

They have been designed to resemble other materials, not just in look but also in feel. The similarity of porcelain wood grain tile with actual wood is almost indistinguishable.
Textured tiles imitate wood not only in term of colors but with grain pattern, too. Even the feeling of the texture, while walking on it, is very close to the real material.
Besides wood look-alikes, you can install porcelain floor tiles that are equal to natural stone in almost all aspects. Thanks to advanced technology, you can take advantage of a wide range of flooring. Porcelain tiles can be manipulated and styled to produce an endless variety of different textures and designs.


Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a new-aged, stylish alternative to the standard carpet rolls. They are much easier for a do-it-yourself installation and incredibly flexible for easy access to the floor underneath.
They are also appropriate for rooms that are constantly subject to maintenance because technicians can easily gain access to underfloor cables.
Besides that, carpet tiles weigh less and are easy to work with due to their stable textile.


Graphic Tiles

Few people are willing to use their flooring as an art canvas. But if you want to be unique, use the patterns of graphic tiles to create art right under your feet.
With modern technology, manufacturers are able to replicate an endless variety of images on tiles.
You can acquire tiles with repeating patterns or go for ones that, like a jigsaw puzzle, transform into one large pattern on your floor. Graphic tiles are usually in monochromatic colors but depending on your preferences, they can come in bold multicolored writings and patterns.


Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are not a new thing, but they are riding a new wave of popularity. Nowadays, these tiles are bit less shiny and orangey than the variety that graced so many kitchens in the early and mid ’80s.
Terracotta tiles are available in glazed varieties, as well as ones fired from darker clays. With growing fame, this type of tile is fully capable of impressing your house guests.


Tile Floors to Make a Statement

Whether it is distressed wood, or textured, graphic, carpet or terracotta tiles, buyers are looking for new and exciting options that will turn their boring floors into statement pieces. And there is no lack of new and innovative materials to accomplish the style your wildest imagination can create.